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Tuesday 5 September 2017

Increase the Chances of Winning Your 2018 Cheltenham Festival Bets as Early as Now

The Cheltenham Festival is the epitome of horseback racing in the British Isles. And with the next season just a few months away, we can’t help but feel thrilled and excited in knowing that the best horses will once again grace the tracks.

Both the UK and Ireland will take part in this annual festive gathering, where top-class racing, betting, and of course – drinking, will be celebrated with sheer euphoria and glee.
When and Where Will it Happen?

It has just been confirmed by the festival’s administrator’s that it will start from March 13 and will end on March 16. Thus, this will be a four-day racing event that will be highlighted by the Gold Cup Day.

It will take place in the Cheltenham Racecourse located at Evesham Rd., Prestbury Park, and is very well right in the heart of Cheltenham. It is expected that there will be more than 200,000 race goers to take part in this festival.

The amazing thing about it is that these people are coming from all over the globe. Through the years, the Cheltenham Festival has transcended from once becoming a mere racing event for Brits and Irishmen into now becoming an all-out festival welcoming people from all races.

It’s even said that next year’s festival will rake in a gargantuan amount of gambling money that’ll be worth £500 million.

The Cheltenham Festival is a Great Time to Bet

With the betting game being said, it makes perfect sense for you to try your luck in this highly-anticipated festival. It’s not because of the hype or anything else, but because of the high chances of winning.

Take note that the event will be laid out throughout four straight days of non-stop races from the most professional jockeys and highly-trained horses from over the globe. With those many races, it’s pretty clear that you’ve got a great chance to hit a one-time big-time jackpot.

Add into the equation the maximum fields and faster gallop pace, and those lucky in-running plays are surely by your side. However, don’t get us wrong, because it sure is tempting to empty your wallet throughout four days. And there’s no guarantee you can get it back.
But worry not, for the Cheltenham week is all about solving a series of complicated puzzles throughout the four days of intense racing. Once you’ve figured it out, then a dazzling amount of money is just waiting for you around the corner.

Tip #1: Know More About the Racetrack

There are a lot of ways to increase the chances of winning your bets. However, probably the best one is to simply know more about the racetrack. It’s where your horse is going to run, and the way they run will depend on their jockey’s experience in racing on that kind of track. The length of the racetrack and even the possible weather that day are factors that affect your horse’s performance.

Tip #2: Check on the Horses' Daily Form

Cheltenham is no stranger to providing its race goers with daily forms. These horse's daily forms contain information on the previous performances of the horses competing on that day. There might even be articles that show in-depth stories about horses, as well as the reason behind the handicaps.

Tip #3: Never Get Carried Away, Be Patient

There’s no denying that Cheltenham is a hyped up event. But it has its grounds as to why the hype is high. It’s because top-class racing horses will battle it out against each other. And they’re going to be ridden by world-renowned jockeys.

Add up the one-year waiting time, and you can't help but feel excited and get all-too-emotional with your bets. When this happens, chances are is that you're going to exhaust your entire betting budget on the first day.

That’s a big no-no. Learn to be patient, wait for the right timing, and you’ll land yourself a big pay day. Remember, Cheltenham is about the quality of the race, not the quantity.

Our Duke Highly Likely to Race in 2018 Cheltenham Festival

Our Duke has just won the Irish National last April 17. And with it, strong 8/1 odds are supported by the content of this Cheltenham betting information page. The odds point out to the gelding's possible participation in the 2018 Cheltenham Gold Cup.
This gives the horse a pretty good chance that it will take home the bacon during next year’s Gold Cup. Having 5 wins out of 5 runs, Our Duke is no doubt the top pick for Cheltenham next year. Pundits claim that betting odds for the horse might be from 5/1 to even a whopping 3/1 by the start of 2018.

Sizing John Eyes Back-to-Back Victory

Sizing John shares the limelight with Our Duke as two of the top bets for the 2018 Cheltenham Festival. It’s a humble start for this bay gelding as he started as 66/1 in the recently concluded Cheltenham Gold Cup.

Surprisingly, he took home the grand prize together with its jockey, Robbie Power. After which, Sizing John has had his fair share of victory in the Irish Gold Cup getting 15/2.

If the trend continues, then there’s no doubt that Sizing John will race in next year’s Cheltenham Gold Cup probably with 6/1 or 5/1 odds to win.