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Fairyhouse - Horse Racing in Ireland

Fairyhouse, Ireland, racecourse,
Fairyhouse Racecourse is rated as one of Ireland's foremost horse sporting venues. The universally well-known horse racing amenity is located in the famous parish of Ratoath in County Meath. It is the proud home of the widely attended Irish Grand National. 

The inaugural race meeting was convened in 1848. In mid-1870, the very first Irish Grand National steeplechase event was staged at Fairyhouse Racecourse.

The Fairyhouse racetrack itself is just over one-mile-and-six-furlong, right-handed circuit, with a two-and-half furlong straight and a fairly short ascending finish. Admittance to Fairyhouse race occasions is free to under-16s and there are also other promotions for senior citizens and regular festivals (i.e. Winter Festival, Easter Festival etc.).  

Fairyhouse hosts both Irish Grand National & Irish Gold Cup. It has always been a top quality facility that attracts international sporting stars. Historically, the highly acclaimed Desert Orchid, Prince Regent & Persian War all proved victorious. These champions are remembered by race fans at Fairyhouse.

Fairyhouse is presently owned by Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) and was run by Doneraile man Dick Sheil, a renowned alumnus of Warrenstown Agricultural College and UCD from 1999 up to October 2006, one year after ownership changed hands from Fairyhouse Club LTD due to financial challenges. HRI saw Dick Sheil as a wonderful asset to the racecourse having successfully brokered substantial sponsorship and ably managing many fundamental race meetings. The racing site was superintended by a caretaker overseer for nearly a year and on October 1, 2007, the post was occupied by a thoroughly experienced chartered accountant called Caroline Gray, who had satisfactorily worked for the HRI finance section for five years before and was laudably described as an "innovator" by HRI.

The Powers Whiskey funding deal is backed up by the Irish branch of Pernod Ricard, an enduring sponsorship that has existed since 1960 and the longest funding in the entire history of Irish racing. Fairyhouse management firmly credits this continual sponsorship for making the Irish Grand National what it is currently but the term ended in April 2010.

Again, Fairyhouse Racecourse is a top destination for sports tourists from various parts of the world. Due to its numerous catering and hospitality packages, it is also a popular centre for hundreds of social and corporate gatherings that take place there throughout the year. 

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Contact details: Fairyhouse Racecourse, Ratoath, Co. Meath

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Notable Facts about Exeter Racecourse

Exeter Racecourse is a thoroughbred horse racecourse that is located near Exeter in Devon, England. Locally called Haldon Racecourse because of its unique position atop the Haldon Hills, it was referred to as Devon and Exeter during the early 1990s. Best Mate died at this course as a result of a heart attack. The award-winning gelding died whilst participating in the William Hill Haldon Gold Cup in 2005. The death of this remarkable horse elicited profound sympathy from mournful fans and crestfallen trainers and racers. Nevertheless, the shocking tragedy ironically elevated the fame and influence of the then little-known racecourse. 

Located in the beautifully stunning Devon countryside, Exeter Racecourse is classified as one of the most progressive racing facilities in the whole of The United Kingdom. The state-of-the-art tracks and courses enjoy excellent facilities and transportation links that attract thousands of enthusiastic fans and participants during the National Hunt Season. In terms of splendour and scenery, the racing spot is often categorised among the most appealing racecourses in Britain. 

To complement an exciting racing day at the top-rated horse riding field, there is a host of diverse and high-quality hospitality facilities within the sporting grounds and in the surrounding areas. Besides these competitively priced catering and recreation services, the well-designed amenity also provides excellent sponsorship and advertisement opportunities for investors.

Exeter Racecourse has renowned conference and a top class events centre that is open to the public all year round. The Haldon Stand offers perfect opportunities for both private and corporate occasions. Ranging from seminars and parties to weddings and other outdoor activities, the horse riding spot is a leading home to top-notch catering and social services that are exceptionally customised to meet the diverse needs of various clients. Excellent exhibitions and dinner facilities are also one of the most sought-after services at Exeter Racecourse.

With a ready team of highly sociable and friendly client support personnel, the management provides a wide arrange of functional suites to ensure that your day is handled to your highest expectations. For first-time visitors to the sporting arena, Exeter Racecourse is positioned just off the A38, an estimated 5 miles from the M5 southbound. While there are many signposts that amply show the direction to the facility, visitors by car are additionally advised to access the horse riding site via a sharp turn that is situated immediately after the brow of Haldon Hill. 

For those accessing the racing field by train, visitors are advised to embrace the railway link that joins Exeter St. David to London Paddington. Depending on your stipulated travel time budget, a taxi up the racecourse will take about 25 minutes from the nearest railway terminus. The racing amenity can also be accessed by bus or by air. For details on how to tour the site by these two (air/bus) means, travellers are advised to liaise with the racecourse’s customer support before embarking on a journey to the sporting destination. Further, visiting the Exeter official website may also offer a few useful details for hassle-free travel logistics. 

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Contact details: Exeter Racecourse, Kennford, Exeter, Devon, EX6 7XS

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Sedgefield Racecourse: Website, Twitter Link & Facebook Page

Sedgefield is an English racecourse located south of the city of Durham. Owned by the Northern Racing. This left-handed course is one of the most famous racing facilities in Britain and the world at large. However, the racecourse is only used for National Hunt. Despite the absence of a flat racing facility, it is still widely favored by trainers and racegoers alike. 

With a packed sporting calendar from January to December, the universally recognized grounds attract a great deal media publicity from all over the world. 

Sporting records show that racing events were taking place at Sedgefield as early as 1732. However, there is no certainty regarding when the first race meeting was held. Nonetheless, it is believed that track events may have taken place even before the officially documented time. 

In 1804, notable ancestors of the earls of Durham formed a club at Sedgefield and a little later made it the headquarters of the Ralph Lambton Hunt. Some of the most significant members of this prominent caucus included Ralph Brandling and Robert Surtees. This visionary group combined noble ideas to spearhead the operations of the fledgling facility and over the years transformed it into the world-class sporting site we know today.

Before the First World War, Sedgefield Hunt staged a yearly fixture that took place in March. When uninterrupted racing activities resumed a couple of years after the global war, the number of fixtures increased from two to three. As the racecourse’s fame and glory multiplied over the years, one of the most noteworthy stakeholders, Clement Freud, famously remarked in 1960 that the course was “all field and not much sedge”.

In 1977, the racecourse appointed a new chairman, Frank Scotto. At the time of Scotto’s appointment, it was rumored that Sedgefield Racecourse was on the verge of collapse. Scotto instigated a series of transformative projects that birthed the current state-of-the-art facilities that are today seen at Sedgefield Racecourse. 

Besides establishing itself as an inimitable racing site, Sedgefield, being one of the oldest racing facilities in England, is a leading destination for clients looking for top-class conferencing services. Due to a friendly reception given to visitors and guests at the grounds, Sedgefield receives an increasingly high number of clients and sporting sightseers throughout the year. Their hospitality department has competitive amenities and amiable, professional staff. No wonder Sedgefield Racecourse continues to receive thousands of rave reviews from sporting enthusiasts and corporate clients alike. 

Notable races held at the exquisite facility include the Durham National which takes place every April. This occasion involves racing over a rather long distance of three and three-quarter miles. During these annual competitions, the racecourse registers an overwhelming number of racers and sporting tourists from all over the country. On some occasions, hundreds of enthusiasts go without a place to sit during the Durham National event.  

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Tel: 01740 621925 



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Taunton Racecourse: Website, Twitter Link and Facebook Page

Taunton Racecourse is a racing facility for thoroughbred horses that is situated in Orchard Portman, about two miles from southern Taunton in Somerset, England. It was officially launched in 1927, Taunton is one of the newest established National Hunt courses in England, launched in Britain before the opening of Chelmsford City in 2008.

Horseracing has taken place since the early days of the 18th century, formerly in the Broomhay grounds, West Monkton, even though these concluded in 1812 as a result of the combination the Napoleonic revolutions and a general lack of enthusiasm. Racing carried on in Bridgwater, about 11 miles (18 km) north, but resumed in Taunton in mid-1825. 

Taunton was originally located on what is now King's College and lauded highly in the yearly publication Sporting Magazine. Racing meetings continued for two consecutive days at the start of September. The venue was dogged by a catastrophic downpour in 1838, which meant nearly all the major races were abandoned, and about two years later racing was moved to Trull Moor, where it continued for a further 15 years. Shortly after this, fixtures were once again confined to Bridgwater but concluded with the onset of World War I.

In 1927, Taunton Racecourse Company was set up, and a new racecourse was built on land given by Viscount Portman. The sporting site had famously domiciled in Orchard Portman House, the headquarters of the notable Portmans, but the same house was demolished in 1840. A little church, which was an integral unit of the estate, is still noticeable on the grounds today. 

The inaugural meeting took place on the 21st September 1927, and the very first racing event, the "Shoreditch Selling Hurdle" was famously won by Baalbek, owned by Mr. Rayson. Formally, crowds were simply housed in little more than a wooden stand, but now it incorporates the imposing Orchard Stand and the grand Paddock Stand (also the members enclosure) and the more recent AP McCoy stand, which offer catering amenities and utilized for racing meetings and high-profile conferences on normal days when racing is not taking place. The racecourse was the first course to be launched in the United Kingdom for over eight decades, followed by Great Leighs (Chelmsford City) which held its first race in 2008, followed the year after by Ffos Las. 

Taunton Racecourse is a right-handed ovular track, with two fairly long straights and two sharp bends. The racecourse is 1 mile and 2 furlongs (2.01 km) in length, and has two fences as well as open ditches. The racecourse was upgraded with the building of the M5 motorway, as the removed earth was used to extend the back straight and bends.

Finally, Taunton is also globally famed for its auspicious hospitality and social services. That’s why it receives thousands for corporate and private clients from all over the country.*

Contact details: Taunton Racecourse Ltd, Orchard Portman, Taunton, Somerset, TA3 7BL

Tel: 01823 33 71 72

Email: info@tauntonracecourse,co,uk 

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