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Wolverhampton Racecourse: Website, Twitter Link & Facebook Page

Wolverhampton, racecourse
Visitors and patrons to Wolverhampton Racecourse today may be tempted into thinking that it is a contemporary facility with scanty or no history at all. Its current amenities and the state-of-the-art hotel facilities around the Dunstall Recreation centre offer the false impression that these illustrious grounds have recently been established.

Nevertheless, racing at Wolverhampton Racecourse has been documented as among some of the earliest events in Britain. Despite having changed locations several times, the racing facility is one of the most prominent racing centres in the United Kingdom. Attracting hordes of enthusiasts from all over England, Wolverhampton has joined the club of the most enduring horse sporting facilities that prominently shaped the history and nature of English horse riding competition. In a similar vein, the grounds elicits a great deal of unceasing media publicity from the four winds of the earth. Track events at Wolverhampton can be viewed throughout the world.  

Located in the heart of England, Wolverhampton is currently the busiest horse riding site in the United Kingdom, currently staging approximately 90 race meetings every year. Surrounded on one side by the Stafford and the landmark Worcester canal and on another by the major railway line from Shrewsbury, along with the historical Birmingham Canal, it might appear that Dunstall Park has so little to even recommend it, but nothing could be so far from the bare truth. 

The Wolverhampton area has excellent transport networks, being slightly close to the M6 and M54 notable motorways. Positioned north of the civic centre, the racecourse is to be found a little off the A449 dual carriageway, where there are many chocolate road signs providing the final directions to the track. As well as a well-laid-out racing venue, the globally recognized facility also houses a conferencing & exhibitions centre, as well as a panoramic eatery and a well-furnished hotel. 

There is a rich history of horse racing occurring at locations in Wolverhampton, dating back as far as mid-1887. Dunstall Park course was customarily a mixed racing venue, offering both flat and National Hunt cards on the turf, but this all altered in 1993 when the racecourse underwent a full redevelopment and was uplifted into the first all-weather, resplendently floodlit track in Great Britain. The main turf course remained in place nonetheless but was only made use of sparingly with a hardly any jumping event each year. 

Originally, a Fibresand track akin to that at Southwell was set up, but in 2004, this was substituted by a Polytrack surface, along with redesigning to some of the other key amenities. Since that time, the racecourse has only held all-weather, flat racing events. 
Wolverhampton Racecourse is left-handed (that is anti-clockwise), oval-shaped, roughly one mile in total length with well-spaced chutes for 6 and 7-furlong starts. It is the most analogous in proportion, of any of the British racecourses to tracks found in the United States. Nimble and handy types of horses appear to do well here and it is normally considered that there is likely little draw unfairness at Dunstall Park. As such, many important events in the British horse sporting calendar are held at Wolverhampton Racecourse.

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Contact details: Wolverhampton Racecourse/Holiday Inn Garden Court, Dunstall Park, Wolverhampton, WV6 OPE

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Clonmel Racecourse: Website, Twitter & Facebook

Clonmel racececourse
Clonmel Racecourse, also popularly referred to as the Powerstown, has been a leading horse riding facility for more than 150 years. Despite its small beginnings, it has systematically become one of the most notable racing facilities not only in the United Kingdom but also in the whole world. Receiving tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans and globetrotting sporting sightseers from all over the world, Clonmel has cut itself a prestigious niche as one of the most important racing facilities world over.  

This racecourse is a right-handed track of one-and-a-quarter miles. It is widely recognised as one of the most demanding National Hunt racecourses with a stiff ascending climb followed by a progressive downhill run featuring an uphill finish. Viewing of racing activities from all focal points in the enclosure is extraordinary. A superabundance of full-grown trees and a few shrubs increase the aesthetic excellence of the 160-acre racecourse immediate environment. 

The apt catchment neighborhood of the Racecourse entails Cork, Waterford, Kilkenny, and Limerick. Waterford Airport is an estimated 30 miles away, with both Cork and Shannon are each a mere 60-mile distance. The busy town of Clonmel is a historic and appealing municipality which is located at the foot of the Comeragh mountainous zone and is located in the valley of the expansive and gorgeous river Suir. Spectacular views of the Comeragh steep and beautiful mountains can be evidently seen from the track.

Are you on the lookout for an ambient atmosphere in which to pass time with close friends or treasured business associates? Are you looking for a well-designed, high-quality location for some corporate entertainment or staff members outing? Why not for the recently refurbished amenities found at Powerstown Park? Clonmel is doubtless the ideal place to take your important functions such as wedding gatherings or business-related assemblies.
Powerstown Park provides a wide variety of choices that will excite your guests and fit within your personal budget at the same time. They will definitely assist you to make your racing day a successful and compellingly unforgettable occasion. The prime location is very convenient, with accessible parking space for everyone. The exquisite setting is charming and the staff personnel is friendly and professional, painstakingly experienced and extremely helpful. Clonmel is a neatly designed, oval-shaped racecourse slopes up from the prominently outstanding stands, making it easy to view all the proceedings on the main ground. The well-stocked upstairs drinking area of the commodious Club Stand offers a splendidly panoramic view of the main track. 

In terms of catering and hospitality, Clonmel Racecourse is undoubtedly in a special class of its own. Unlike other racing sites that run their own hospitality departments, here these services are provided by the Masterchefs Hospitality. In conjunction with the racecourse’s unbeatable management, the incomparably wonderful facility has established countrywide fame as one of the most liked catering and hospitality behemoths within the racing fraternity. Actually, very few British horse sporting grounds in the whole of the United Kingdom can beat Clonmel in terms of quality racing facilities and state-of-the-art catering and hospitality services. If you look forward to staging a memorably colorful occasion, then you should take it to Clonmel Racecourse.

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Tel: 052 6188508 


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Notable Facts about Exeter Racecourse

Exeter Racecourse is a thoroughbred horse racecourse that is located near Exeter in Devon, England. Locally called Haldon Racecourse because of its unique position atop the Haldon Hills, it was referred to as Devon and Exeter during the early 1990s. Best Mate died at this course as a result of a heart attack. The award-winning gelding died whilst participating in the William Hill Haldon Gold Cup in 2005. The death of this remarkable horse elicited profound sympathy from mournful fans and crestfallen trainers and racers. Nevertheless, the shocking tragedy ironically elevated the fame and influence of the then little-known racecourse. 

Located in the beautifully stunning Devon countryside, Exeter Racecourse is classified as one of the most progressive racing facilities in the whole of The United Kingdom. The state-of-the-art tracks and courses enjoy excellent facilities and transportation links that attract thousands of enthusiastic fans and participants during the National Hunt Season. In terms of splendour and scenery, the racing spot is often categorised among the most appealing racecourses in Britain. 

To complement an exciting racing day at the top-rated horse riding field, there is a host of diverse and high-quality hospitality facilities within the sporting grounds and in the surrounding areas. Besides these competitively priced catering and recreation services, the well-designed amenity also provides excellent sponsorship and advertisement opportunities for investors.

Exeter Racecourse has renowned conference and a top class events centre that is open to the public all year round. The Haldon Stand offers perfect opportunities for both private and corporate occasions. Ranging from seminars and parties to weddings and other outdoor activities, the horse riding spot is a leading home to top-notch catering and social services that are exceptionally customised to meet the diverse needs of various clients. Excellent exhibitions and dinner facilities are also one of the most sought-after services at Exeter Racecourse.

With a ready team of highly sociable and friendly client support personnel, the management provides a wide arrange of functional suites to ensure that your day is handled to your highest expectations. For first-time visitors to the sporting arena, Exeter Racecourse is positioned just off the A38, an estimated 5 miles from the M5 southbound. While there are many signposts that amply show the direction to the facility, visitors by car are additionally advised to access the horse riding site via a sharp turn that is situated immediately after the brow of Haldon Hill. 

For those accessing the racing field by train, visitors are advised to embrace the railway link that joins Exeter St. David to London Paddington. Depending on your stipulated travel time budget, a taxi up the racecourse will take about 25 minutes from the nearest railway terminus. The racing amenity can also be accessed by bus or by air. For details on how to tour the site by these two (air/bus) means, travellers are advised to liaise with the racecourse’s customer support before embarking on a journey to the sporting destination. Further, visiting the Exeter official website may also offer a few useful details for hassle-free travel logistics. 

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Contact details: Exeter Racecourse, Kennford, Exeter, Devon, EX6 7XS

Tel: 01392 832599 


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Hereford Racecourse - Essential Information

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Hereford Racecourse is a National Hunt racecourse located just outside of Hereford City Centre in Herefordshire, Great Britain. It is leased from Herefordshire Council by Arena Racing Company (ARC) and hosts jump racing fixtures from October – March every year. 

With a well-designed circuit that measures about one and a half miles, the almost square shaped course was opened in 1771 originally hosting flat racing fixtures, with jump racing commencing in 1840. 

Due to issues regarding the lease between Arena Racing Company and Herefordshire Council, National Hunt fixtures at the racecourse were suspended in 2012. The last meeting was held on 16 December 2012. During the 4 year closure Arab horse racing was held at the facility, as well as point to point racing hosted by the North Herefordshire Hunt and the North Ledbury Hunt. 

Racing fans, patrons and enthusiasts now have something to smile about as Hereford Racecourse re-opened on 6th October 2016, with four well-attended fixtures taking place in 2016. In 2017 there are 11 fixtures with the race season taking place from October – March. 

Hereford Racecourse has eight private hospitality boxes with balconies overlooking the racecourse for those looking to enjoy a special occasion at the races. There is also the Rusty Bridge Restaurant, named in honour of local Champion Jump Jockey Richard Johnson’s first ever winner here at Hereford Racecourse, Rusty Bridge. Packages start from £45 per person in the restaurant which has views overlooking the racecourse. There is also the Kidwells Grandstand and Bar which is accessible for all customers serving a selection of refreshments and snacks. The racecourse operates a single enclosure policy so one admission ticket gets you into all areas of the racecourse. Admission tickets start from £18 with discounts available for booking in advance. 

For more information on the racecourse please contact the racecourse office on 01432 273 560 

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Tel: 01432 273560 


Contact details: Hereford Racecourse, Roman Road, Hereford, HR4 9QU