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Redcar Racecourse: Basic Info

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Redcar Racecourse is horse sporting venue that is located in Redcar in North Yorkshire – England. The Yorkshire’s sea track, Redcar is perfectly flat and oval in shape. It was constructed at its present location in 1870, prior to which it was positioned at Coatham. One of the most important racing sites in Yorkshire, Redcar has grown in popularity over the years to become an influential horse riding venue in Britain.

Redcar has a left-handed course that features tight-banked bends. It also has a few chutes at which the bends meet the straight. It measures about one mile and four furlongs in length. The facility usually holds 18 days of racing, from March to November. With excellent design and well-thought-out architectural layout, the grounds guarantee visitors and racing enthusiasts a truly memorable day out.

Redcar provides racegoers a perfect way to celebrate any special racing event. For those planning a day out with family and friends, the sporting spot ought to be the destination of choice. One of the advantages of touring the facility is that families are given free admission for visitors aged 17 years and below. During their most important meetings, children are always treated to free entertainment. It is an ideal location for guardians who would like to take their young ones out for an out-of-school experience during the holidays.

Besides racing functions, the grounds provide full time conferencing and meeting space for both social and business-related events. It is the place of choice for those looking for those that are looking for wedding receptions, birthday celebrations, seminars, professional training, dinners and team building days. 

Depending on your personal preferences, Redcar offers a wide range of hospitality packages and you’ll be able to pick one that suits you most. In order to make sure that you do not miss a place for hosting your special occasion, you are advised to do your booking as early as possible. Redcar management advises their clients and guests to liaise with the client support department to ensure that they are provided with all the required services and unique arrangements to make their business or social function a resounding success. Another option would be visiting the official Redcar website for any necessary info ahead of your auspicious occasion. This, the administration advises, will hammer out any possible eleventh-hour discrepancies that would deny you a smooth hassle-free running of your occasion at Redcar Racecourse. 

Before you go for any hospitality service at Redcar Racecourse, you are advised to first choose your hospitality package prudently. This is because the grounds offer varied service packages that attract different prices. For instance, the Platinum Package includes services such as coffee and biscuits (upon arrival) a four-course served menu, a VIP admission badge, and an official copy of the day’s racing events. This package goes for 85 sterling pounds, including the value added tax.

Other hospitality packages at Redcar include the Bronze Package, the Gold Package, and the Silver Package. The management urges guests/clients to scrutinize the services included in a particular package before they commit their money.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Thirsk Racecourse: Website, Twitter Link & Facebook Page

Thirsk Racecourse is a thoroughbred racing site situated in Thirsk, North Yorkshire - England. The racecourse is a left-handed oval of an estimated 1m and 2 furlongs with a 3-furlong finishing straight and a 6-furlong chute. The current course was opened to the general public in 1923, but racing activities had taken place on the older grounds over 200 years before.

The major road from Ripon to Thirsk goes past the racecourse, and it is very trendy with northern trainers and racegoers. As such, the accessibility of the world-famous facility is markedly enhanced by this well-maintained road network. This is one of biggest reasons why Thirsk’s racing events continue to receive ever-soaring numbers of enthusiastic spectators from all over the country.  

In 1940 it held the war-time alternative L├ęger. Although the nation’s attention was on the looming encroachment of war, the event was a considerable success, nevertheless. In fact, it is deemed to be one of the best sporting occasions of the two war periods. 

The Thirsk management invites visitors and sports tourists to experience the immense thrill and enthusiasm of a notable Yorkshire racing day out at Thirsk Racecourse in the resplendent North Yorkshire. They promise their guests an unforgettable experience that they won’t get at other similar sporting spots in Britain.

Aptly positioned between the North Yorkshire Moors and the inspiring atmosphere of Dales, Thirsk is a charming country course with state-of-the-art amenities and top-of-the-range racing to guarantee fans a pleasurable and affordable day out. It is one of the very best British sports that give visitors something extra for less. 

A special day out at Thirsk is the wonderful way to spend a rewardingly pleasurable time with one’s family and intimate friends, mark an extraordinary event, entertaining corporate punters or promoting your trade through rewarding sponsorship deals. 

Thirsk is expediently located and straightforwardly accessible and so preferably suited for business-related hospitality, especially when one’s clients may be coming from a number of divergent directions. Their celebrated racecourse, with its marvelously maintained grounds and Herriot Country background, provides the excellent venue for any successful corporate occasion.

You can decide between numerous all-inclusive food and drinks combinations or spell out your own bespoke preferences from their all-embracing menu range and they’ll then take care of everything to give you exactly what you want.If you want to have the best with regard to dining and accommodation services, then you should choose the auspicious services offered at Thirsk Racecourse. 

Their private facilities entail several fantastically customized private boxes overlooking the gorgeous home straight, as well as different enchanting marquee settings alongside the main course or adjacent well-design parade ring. Through their award-winning catering partners, CGC Events, they provide specially selected catering coupled with exceptional consumer service, to guarantee that your hospitality function meets all your individual tastes.

For full details of the Thirsk private box options with 'all-inclusive' combinations, clients are advised to liaise with the management ahead of time avoid any last-minute disappointments. Further, their striking wedding facilities, conferencing and banqueting suites, coupled with extensively varied and brilliantly kept grounds and imposing structures, offer an exceptional and unforgettable setting for any picture-perfect special occasion. It is best place to take your most important social and corporate gatherings – if you indeed would want to stand out from the clutter.

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Contact details: Thirsk Racecourse Ltd, Thirsk Racecourse, Station Road, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 1QL

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Critical Details about Nottingham Racecourse

Nottingham Racecourse
Nottingham Racecourse is a thoroughbred racing venue that is positioned in Nottinghamshire in England. Located near Colwick Park near the River Trent, the facility is an estimated three kilometres from the city centre.  

There are in fact two courses at the racecourse – one inside of the other. Both courses measure about a one-and-a-half mile and left-handed. The inner course is usually used during autumn and spring and measures about five furlongs straight. The outer one is often made use of during summer events and measures about six furlongs straight. One of the most outstanding attributes of these courses is that they have relatively gentle turns and have minor gradients despite its home finish being really sharp. Due to its unique set of distinct characteristics, Nottingham is ideal for balanced horses as opposed to those that have long strides. 

Nottingham has a very long history. Founded in the early years of the 18th century, it has been in existence for more than two centuries. Initially located in Nottingham Forest, it is doubtless one of the very oldest racing facilities in England. In a similar vein, it is one of the earliest racecourses to granted the Royal Plate Charter by the monarch. At its inception, the Royal Plate was run in four-mile heats by horses aged 6 years carrying 12-stone weight.
The sporting venue was moved to its present site in 1892. After being transferred to Colwick Park in 1892, the facility continued growing in fame and popularity to become one of the top ranking racing facilities in the United Kingdom. The local corporation purchased over 293 acres of land at £500,000, plunging the future of the course in doubt. However, the Levy Board funded improvements to the location and gave a lease to Racecourse Holdings Trust for a small sum.

Nottingham Racecourse held both flat and jump courses for many decades until things changed in the 1990s. At this time, the management decided to abandon the National Hunt events to concentrate on flat races only. As for transport links, the site was connected to the urban neighbourhoods by its own railway line until it was severed in the 1960s. Any keen visitor will spot the remnants of the railway on what is presently referred to as Colwick loop road.

Nottingham is famous for hosting some two very influential sporting events in the UK’s racing calendar. These listed races include Kilvington Stakes and the Further Flight Stakes. However, the racecourse does not hold any other racing functions of countrywide note apart from these two major races. 

Nonetheless, this does not place Nottingham in the clutter of many little-known racing sites in Britain. While not among the largest in terms of surface area, or one of the most furnished in terms of technological and architectural apparatus, it is still one of the most refined and widely liked racing arenas in the Nottinghamshire region and beyond. Its meeting and conferencing services, for instance, are among the very best the whole country. It is also a must-tour destination for horse sporting sightseers from all over the world.* 

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Contact details: Nottingham Racecourse, Colwick Park, Nottingham. NG2 4BE

Tel: 0115 9580620 


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Salisbury Racecourse: History Plus Notable Facts

Salisbury Racecourse is a world-famous racing site that is situated in Wiltshire in England. The thoroughbred racing venue measures three miles and lies in the southwestern part of Salisbury. It is one of the most active racing facilities in the United Kingdom, with about fifteen race meetings that take place between May and October every year.

Due to Salisbury’s spectacular features and packed racing schedule, it continuously receives thousands of fans and racegoers from all over Britain. The racing season also lends the racecourse a great deal of journalistic attention as its events are the subject of leading sports bulletins and television channels. 

With a racing history that cuts across more than three centuries, Salisbury Racecourse is one of the oldest racing facilities out there. Reliable historical records show that track events started taking place around mid-16th century. Apart from the two major wars, the facility has remained fully operational over the years.

Particularly, Salisbury Racecourse has won a great deal of fame in the past three hundred years because many famous horses have established numerous victories on the much-liked sporting arena. Additionally, a good number of top jockeys have set and broken historical racing records at the venue. Put aptly, Salisbury is a universally celebrated racecourse full of countless firsts and unending surprises. 

Some of greatest horses that have given Salisbury Racecourse its current matchless glory include Gimcrack (1768), Sun Chariot (1941) and Mill Reef (1970). These horses gave the previously underrated racing facility much esteem making it one of the most influential venues not only in the United Kingdom but also throughout the entire globe.

Sir Percy, the winner of 2006 widely publicised Derby, particularly elicited a lot of admiration among racegoers and horse sporting enthusiasts not only in Europe but all over the world. It brought down the widely held notion that the trailblazing venue had outlived its heritage and standing as a high-ranking racing amenity.

One of the reasons why Salisbury continues to do better than most other racing facilities out there is because it has a very competent and public-spirited management team. Due to the ability of the top administration to relate exemplarily well with key stakeholders such as sponsors, distinguished racers, patrons, and extra-sporting clients, the facility has steadily made astounding improvements to become a top favourite for all.

If you think that Salisbury is only famous for its track events, then you are absolutely wrong. The racecourse boasts top-of-chart social and hospitality facilities that you cannot easily find elsewhere. Their food and drinks are especially well-prepared and have met the approval of high-flying tastes from all over the world. 

Top-ranked jockeys and high-profile luminaries all have something positive to say about the tasty cuisines available at Salisbury Racecourse. The facility has a host of corporate and social conferencing and meeting facilities that are thoroughly customised to meet the varying needs of fans and clients. They have a wide range of packages that guests can peruse through and pick the most appealing options.*

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Contact Details: Salisbury Racecourse, Netherhampton, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 8PN

Tel: 01722 326461