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Fundamental Details about Newton Abbot Racecourse

Newton Abbot Racecourse
Newton Abbot Racecourse is a thoroughbred horse racing site that is found on the north bank of River Teign in Devon, England. The tight left-handed course measures about one mile and furlong. The racecourse also has seven relatively easy fences and a short run toward the end.

Newton Abbot Racecourse was established in 1966 when the grounds on which it currently stands were purchased. Standing on about 91 acres of generally good soil, Newton is one of the most influential racing facilities in the entire history of horse racing in the United Kingdom. With an imposing grandstand that was unveiled in 1969 by the Queen Mother herself, the racecourse’s hospitality facilities were launched in 1990, in an unprecedentedly colourful ceremony. 

Newton Abbot is one of the very few racing venues in Britain that are almost equally famous for their outstanding racing facilities and impeccable hospitality services. For instance, Newton Abbot has a state-of-the-art corporate hospitality structures that very few venues of its category can rival. Whether you want to hold corporate meetings or organise an important social occasion, Newton Abbot is no doubt the best place to do your colourful occasion. 

One of the advantages of the hospitality sections found at Newton Abbot is that guests are able to view the happenings on the tracks from the comfort of their private boxes. With bars and top ranking restaurants, the sporting grounds offer a wide variety of dining and accommodation facilities that every keen gourmet will like. Unlike other facilities that do not give visitors the required service in a timely manner, Newton Abbot is a strict departure from this boring trend. Their friendly waitress and attendants will give you an outstanding welcome and service until you feel at home while way from your actual home.

The racecourse also holds regular car boot sales that take place every month. As such, visitors and regular patrons will be able to access these boots regardless of the month. Similarly, the sporting site holds other vital events organised by the management that racegoers will find quite enjoyable. To know the presently available events, go through the comprehensive brochures that are often given at the gates. One may also tour the Newton Abbot official website for more information regarding the services offered at this globally popular racing facility. Calling the customer support team is also a great way to stay ahead of racecourse’s schedule even without having to visit the racing spot. 

There are numerous options for clients who choice corporate boxes at Newton Abbot. As such, you should consider the kind of service your event requires so that you can choose a package that suits your individual needs. For instance, the affordable Silver Package costs about 83.50 sterling pounds for every single person, inclusive of the value added tax. This includes both tea and coffee for guests. Tea and coffee servings are unlimited throughout the day. Again, guests who choose this package will also enjoy canned lager or wine. Those who might want to sample wines and soft drinks also have this allowance as it is part of the cost-friendly Silver Package.*

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Contact details: Newton Abbot Racecourse, Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot, TQ12 SAF

Tel: 01626 353235

Email: management@newtonabbotracing,com 


Saturday, 21 July 2018

Cartmel Racecourse Website, Twitter Link & Facebook Page

Cartmel Racecourse
Cartmel Racecourse is a small racecourse found in Cartmel in the Ceremonial County of Cumbria, England. About seven meetings are held at the venue between late April and August every year. Although the site is smaller than most other race courses in Britain, it is a scenic venue with great attendance.

Despite the racecourse’s small size in terms of surface area, it has the longest run-in in the whole of Britain. The run-in measures 4 furlongs – a length that surpasses those of other popular English racecourses. One of the signature cultures that have made the racing spot outstanding is the enduring practice of rewarding triumphant racehorse owners with Cartmel Stick Toffees.

The first documented account of racing at Cartmel Racecourse dates back to 1856. However, most horse racing historians contend that it is highly likely that some horse riding events took place before this date. Initially, the racecourse was run by contributions from the local landed gentry. 

Prior to the two major world wars, the venue only held events that involved amateur jockeys. However, professional competitions started after the first half of the 20th century. The inclusion of formal race meeting attracted a series of multi-million-pound redesigning that gave the racecourse its present outlook.

The historical Gay Future Syndicate occurred at Cartmel Racecourse. Unmasked in 1974, the scandalous conspiracy happened due to an absence of any reliable communication system. The infamous colluding involved the outlawed exchange of horses shortly before races began. The most lauded racehorse at grounds is Soul Magic, who had registered seven victories on the Cartmel track before the 2014 racing season.

Among the top reasons for Cartmel’s fame is the world-class hospitality it offers patrons, racers, and visitors. The general atmosphere of the place has also been cited by fans as one of the most conducive for a day out with friends or loved ones.

Further, Cartmel Racecourse offers excellent camping opportunities for both native and foreign patrons and visitors. The classic hotels and accommodation facilities found at these racing grounds have been lauded from all over the world. Cartmel and the bordering neighbourhoods are home to many internationally recommended hotels. The inviting amenities not only provide unrivalled levels of comfort but are also praised because they offer visitors comparatively affordable services. 

There are various categories of tickets that one can purchase at Carmel. You can either acquire a ticket for the Course Enclosure or Paddock Enclosure. Each of these two categories has detailed descriptions which visitors are given on arrival to help them pick the type of ticket they wish to purchase. 

The Cartmel Paddock Enclosure has the Grandstand and the Paddock, the Louis Roederer Restaurant, Ring/Winner's Enclosure, Marquee Village, and the Winners Enclosure. The main office for the horse racing venue is also located within the Paddock Enclosure. Holders of the Paddock Enclosure ticket are usually allowed to freely cross to the Course Enclosure as long as no horses are on the course. Again, holders of the Course Enclosure tickets may also cross into the Paddock Enclosure but horses are not permitted.*


Friday, 20 July 2018

Critical Details about Nottingham Racecourse

Nottingham Racecourse
Nottingham Racecourse is a thoroughbred racing venue that is positioned in Nottinghamshire in England. Located near Colwick Park near the River Trent, the facility is an estimated three kilometres from the city centre.  

There are in fact two courses at the racecourse – one inside of the other. Both courses measure about a one-and-a-half mile and left-handed. The inner course is usually used during autumn and spring and measures about five furlongs straight. The outer one is often made use of during summer events and measures about six furlongs straight. One of the most outstanding attributes of these courses is that they have relatively gentle turns and have minor gradients despite its home finish being really sharp. Due to its unique set of distinct characteristics, Nottingham is ideal for balanced horses as opposed to those that have long strides. 

Nottingham has a very long history. Founded in the early years of the 18th century, it has been in existence for more than two centuries. Initially located in Nottingham Forest, it is doubtless one of the very oldest racing facilities in England. In a similar vein, it is one of the earliest racecourses to granted the Royal Plate Charter by the monarch. At its inception, the Royal Plate was run in four-mile heats by horses aged 6 years carrying 12-stone weight.
The sporting venue was moved to its present site in 1892. After being transferred to Colwick Park in 1892, the facility continued growing in fame and popularity to become one of the top ranking racing facilities in the United Kingdom. The local corporation purchased over 293 acres of land at £500,000, plunging the future of the course in doubt. However, the Levy Board funded improvements to the location and gave a lease to Racecourse Holdings Trust for a small sum.

Nottingham Racecourse held both flat and jump courses for many decades until things changed in the 1990s. At this time, the management decided to abandon the National Hunt events to concentrate on flat races only. As for transport links, the site was connected to the urban neighbourhoods by its own railway line until it was severed in the 1960s. Any keen visitor will spot the remnants of the railway on what is presently referred to as Colwick loop road.

Nottingham is famous for hosting some two very influential sporting events in the UK’s racing calendar. These listed races include Kilvington Stakes and the Further Flight Stakes. However, the racecourse does not hold any other racing functions of countrywide note apart from these two major races. 

Nonetheless, this does not place Nottingham in the clutter of many little-known racing sites in Britain. While not among the largest in terms of surface area, or one of the most furnished in terms of technological and architectural apparatus, it is still one of the most refined and widely liked racing arenas in the Nottinghamshire region and beyond. Its meeting and conferencing services, for instance, are among the very best the whole country. It is also a must-tour destination for horse sporting sightseers from all over the world.* 

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Contact details: Nottingham Racecourse, Colwick Park, Nottingham. NG2 4BE

Tel: 0115 9580620 


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A Day at Killarney Racing in Ireland

Killarney racecourse, Ireland
Killarney Racecourse magnificently looks out on the wonderful scenery of Killarney National Park and pompously boasts the prestigious title of The Most Scenic Racecourse in the entire Ireland. Killarney has a long-established and colourful history of horse sporting; the first ever racing in the area was documented in early 1822.The current racecourse was launched in 1936 and presently remains the proud home of Horse Racing in Killarney. As such, this prime horse riding facility is notably one of the very best in Europe but also across the entire earth. 

The racing facility is situated in the busy Killarney town and offers an ambient impression for any Racegoer. Killarney stages eleven-day racing activities over three Summer Festivals every May, July, and August providing the very best in National Hunt as well as Flat Racing. Attracting several thousands of excited fans and multiple horse riding sightseers from the four cardinal compasses of the globe, Killarney is a racing ground like no other. Its sporting fixtures are the subject of commentary in sports publications throughout Ireland. Further, leading sports television channels don’t seem to ever get enough of this racecourse’s juicy track events. 

Besides being a leading sporting facility, Killarney Racecourse is also known to be one of the best hospitality centres in the whole of Europe and even throughout the world. Notably, the sporting arena has an able team of hospitality and catering gurus who will listen to all your concerns as you look for the best services out there. With excellent dining and accommodation facilities, the racecourse has cut itself a prestigious class as one of the best horse riding fields in the continent.

More information regarding the services offered by the racecourse, punters are advised to visit the racecourses official website. In addition to getting clear details regarding the services rendered at the racing centre, you will also be in a position to get a glimpse of the forthcoming race fixtures and important meetings. However, you are advised to make sure that the information you rely on is as updated as possible since some obsolete information may still be available on some sections of the official site. Remember to check the last date on which any given content was posted or updated.

For those looking for corporate and social facilities, then Killarney is just the right place to call in at. For business meetings, the racing grounds have a lot of spacious room for holding business-related conferences. With adequate well-furnished furniture and exquisite in-house electronic devices such as projectors, you cannot choose to take your important event elsewhere while Killarney exists. 

For private social occasions such weddings and engagement parties, Killarney Racecourse has all the fundamental equipment and paraphernalia you need to make your occasion a groundbreaking success. Nonetheless, just like is the case with other hospitality and catering services at the site, you are advised to liaise with the management in time to avoid missing a place or lacking some basic service/asset or other. What is more, you will find a team of thoroughly qualified and experienced event planners who will provide excellent professional insights to make your function successful at Killarney Racecourse.

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Contact details: Ross Road, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland, 

Tel: + 353 64 6631