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Friday 6 October 2017

Keeneland Racecourse - Historical Facts, Hospitality, & Catering Services

The Keeneland facility includes the horse sporting racecourse, and a well-furnished sales complex, all located in Lexington in Kentucky. Managed by the Keeneland Association, Inc., the amenity is also popularly regarded for its referencing library. As result, the facility receives thousands of sightseers from all over the globe. Keeneland’s crowd capacity during major track events is also one of the largest attendances in the continent. With a robust extra-racing section, the amenity has steadily risen against countless hurdles to secure itself a prominent place among the grandest equine racing centers in the United States.

In early 2009, the Horseplayers Association of North America launched a rating method for 65 thoroughbred racecourses in the continent. Keeneland was favorably listed in the first slot out of the top ten racetracks that were included in the ranking. It is famously listed on the painstaking National Register of Historic Places and profiled as a National Historic Landmark in 1986. This developed singularly multiplied the unparalleled glory of the universally accredited American sporting location. 

Keeneland was established in 1936 as a nonprofit organization that majored in racing and auctioneering activities. Positioned on well over 147 acres of prime farming land in the western part of Lexington, the area on which the sporting grounds stand had been previously owned and managed by Jack Keene, the legendary brainchild behind the construction of the globally acclaimed sporting amenity. 

Initially, the racecourse used the handsome profits from racing, hospitality, and auctioneering services to further advance the thoroughbred equine industry as well as to generously contribute to the neighboring community. The racing section of Keeneland Race Course has staged live racing meetings in April and October from as early as 1936. Ever since this date, the racecourse has successfully hundreds of noteworthy racing events over the last 80 years.

The racecourse compounded a turf course in the late months of 1985. The spring meetings contain numerous preps for the enormously attended Kentucky Derby, the most noteworthy of which is the internationally followed Blue Grass Stakes. The fall race meeting features a large number of Breeders' Cup preparations.

Keeneland derives immense pride in keeping its time-honored racing customs. It was the very last racetrack in the whole of North America to widely air racing event calls over its mass-address system, although it had not been embracing this practice until 1997. A large number of Keeneland Racecourse racing glimpses of the massively well-reviewed 2003 film Seabiscuit were famously shot at the facility, which has changed the fortunes of the comparatively little in the past decades.

Nevertheless, Keeneland Racecourse has adapted numerous innovations. The prestigious racecourse appropriately remodeled the main track and swapped the dirt surface with top quality proprietary Polytrack flooring over the summer season of 2006 in time for the fall racing meeting event. The racetrack was suitably restored to a dirt surface in the summer of 2014. 

Keeneland was prestigiously categorized as a National Historic Landmark in 1986. Keeneland staged the Breeders' Cup for the very first occasion in 2015. It was famously won by Triple Crown winner American Pharoah by six-and-a-half measurements. He notably became the very first victory the informal Grand Slam of equestrian racing events. Winning the widely Kentucky Derby, the unbeatably Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes and Breeders' Cup.

Numerous horse industry pundits were unconvinced of Keeneland as a fitting location because the racetrack and town were too little to hold such a big-attendance event. Nonetheless, it was a resounding success and also had a Thoroughbred Daily News correspondence account. With a new wave of successful track events, the already popular sporting amenity continued experiencing constant influx of racers, owners, and thousands of fans from all over the continent and beyond.

Keeneland Racecourse is the world's biggest Thoroughbred auctioning premises, holding over three sales yearly: The September Yearling Sale, the immensely attended November Breeding Stock Sale, and the popular January Horses of All Ages Sale. Horses auctioned at the Keeneland sales comprise 82 horses that registered wins 88 Breeders' Cup World Championship sporting events.

The racetrack features a dirt oval that measures about 1 116 miles and a seven and also a one-half furlong turf surface. The turf course utilizes two cardinal configurations: the Keeneland Course arrangement has an impermanent rail set 15 feet (4.6 m) out, but the Haggin Course has no makeshift railing. 

Keeneland features two significant racing seasons annually: a spring race meeting held in April and a fall meeting in October. During both events Keeneland Racecourse engenders wide-publicity attendances from both enthusiastic sporting adherents and globetrotting equine sporting tourists from all over the world. 

As sporting activity soars on Keeneland Racecourse, cameras severally click away as they immortalize the very best scenes in the horse racing world. Keeneland is one of the leading amenities in the world that receive steady journalistic attention from all over the map. 
Away from the hustle and bustle of the heavily peopled racing arena, Keeneland is also a leading center for both hospitality and catering services. If you want to hold your auspicious occasion in an outstanding manner that will remain etched in the memory of your guests. 
To make your corporate or social function even more memorable, the racecourse is surrounded by the charming natural attractiveness to help you stage an unforgettably picture-perfect corporate or social occasion. With gorgeously rolling mounds of Bluegrass, uninterrupted views of the ongoing racecourse activity, and an army of well-qualified support staff, you cannot avoid to take your wonderful events elsewhere. The extraordinary charm of the unbeatable Keene Place is unlike any other out there - there's simply nothing else of its class.

As long as you contact the hospitality department ahead of time, their friendly personnel will no doubt help you turn your important corporate meeting into an excellent gathering. The sporting cherished gatherings to comprehensive functions, there's a venue just for you at Keeneland Racecourse

You have all the reasons to consider selecting Keeneland your starting gate for your special day. Hosting business-related or social meeting on the day of the races will not only help you conduct an outstanding personal event but also give you an opportunity to watch the racetrack proceedings without having to pay an extra penny.