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Tuesday 29 August 2017

The Likelihood of Melham-Almandin Tandem to Win 2017 Melbourne Cup

There’s no denying that Almandin is one of the best, if not the best racing horse in the world. Having proved his prowess in the art of racing after winning the 2016 Melbourne Cup, this stallion sure got what it takes to repeat history in this year’s much-anticipated event.

And that’s just the opportunity that Golden Slipper winner, Ben Melham, was waiting for. It has been some time since the question of who’s going to ride the premiere horse in this year’s Melbourne Cup is asked.

Now, there’s finally an answer to that question as it has finally been confirmed that Ben Melham will be teaming up with Almandin.

Almandin is in Great Shape

The 8-year-old horse has just been weighed 61kg and is looking forward to its MSC Signs Handicap appearance on Aug. 26. This is a 2040 meter-long handicap race which is worth $150,000.

It sure is a great way to prepare for the bigger event this coming November. The race tournament would serve as a precursor and at the same time as an assessment of the overall style and capability of Almandin.

However, it’s not just seen as a preparatory race but also as something that would put the horse in the Hall of Fame of horseback racing. Why? It’s because a back-to-back win might just be looming over the horizon as Almandin’s jockey had his fair share of success during the 2017 Spring Carnival held last April 20 to 22.

And take note, there’s his victory during last year’s Melbourne Cup! Putting all of these things into consideration, there sure is a big chance for Almandin to get another shot at victory. Almandin drawing the barrier five is surely a good sign that he’s on the right path to repeating his triumphant glory.

Reports have it that the category where the German-bred horse will be competing is now worth $6 million. He’ll be racing in Group 1 against some of the finest racers in the world on a track would be 3200 meters long.

Melham's Shot to Success

Bel Melham is at the peak of his career as he’s on his way to making another possible run for a victory in the 2017 Melbourne Cup. It sure is a very good thing for him to continue working with Lloyd Williams and Robert Hickmott who are Almandin’s owner and trainer respectively.

But it wasn’t an easy catch for him as he needed to prove that he’s got a special talent in horse racing. And that’s just what he did when he rode Assign into victory in the 2017 Sydney Autumn Carnival’S Group 3 race.

It was a humble $150,000 win for them. But it’s a great way to grab the chance to ride the possibly greatest horse in the racing world – Almandin. And then there’s Melham’s memorable win during the 2000 meters Ranvet Stakes held last March 18.

Though he just finished third-place, it was enough to cement his name as one of the finest jockeys in the sport. He rode The United States during that tournament. After that, Melham continued his streak of fortune with She Will Reign in the $3.5 million Longines Golden Slipper event where he competed in the 1200-meter Group 1 category.

With these being said, Ben Melham sure has created an impressive resume. This is enough for him to take the also achieving Almandin into another possible victory this coming November. You can check out November’s much-anticipated event at the 2017 Melbourne Cup page by

Almandin and Competitors

Though Almandin has had his fair share of victories over the past year, we can't deny the fact that he's already aging. Now at eight years of age, he's sure got a lot of extra work to do. And that might just be the reason why he's not acing the betting rankings.

Pacodali is currently the favorite bet in the upcoming tournament with a strong $3.70 odds placed on him. Second Bullet, who's trained by Danny O-Brien, gets the second spot with $4.80. He's succeeded by Hans Holbein at $5.50.

However, Almandin stays strong as he takes the fourth spot with $6.50 odds. Killarney Kid and Bling Dynasty who has $7 and $7.50 odds respectively take the next positions.