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Thursday 15 April 2021

Ripon Racecourse - Enjoy Your Day at the Garden Racecourse

Ripon Racecourse is a thoroughbred horse racing venue that is situated in North Yorkshire, England. Also popularly referred to as the Garden Racecourse, it is one of the most influential racing facilities in Britain. Before being moved to Boroughbridge Road on the 6th August 1900, racing activities had taken place in various other parts of the North Yorkshire region. 

Ripon Racecourse has attracted an increasingly large number of racegoers and racing fans from the United Kingdom and the whole of Europe as well. Ripon is, therefore, one of the most widely visited horse riding establishments in the country that have enjoyed well over three centuries of racing success as it was founded in 1664. 

Historical records show that the facility received a lot of publicity from the top news bulletins of the 17th and 18th century.  

Racing at Ripon became particularly popular in 1723. During this year, the racecourse hosted the very first racing occasion for female jockeys. At a time when female empowerment was an unheard of, these track all-female occasions inspired a mixed feeling of uniqueness and eerie sensation even among the very bold planners of the trailblazing event at Ripon Racecourse.

Despite the dreaded negative outcome and publicity anticipated, the first-of-its-kind competition is recorded to have been an unprecedentedly groundbreaking success that astounded the town folks who had hitherto frowned upon it. The fact that racing among female jockeys has not yet become a nationwide popular activity even in the 21st century, sports historians look back to the audacious 18th feat as a noble idea that was indisputably ahead of its time.  

Ripon Racecourse has a wide range of exciting racing options for thousands of their faithful fans out there. Among these exceptional occasions that give the racecourse the presently unequalled prestige is the Ripon “Big Night Out”. Another widely appreciated experience at the racecourse is the Family Day, which takes place in the month of May. 

Other noteworthy special sporting days in the Ripon riding calendar are the Ladies Day that happens in June and the Children’s Day. They are one of the many reasons why Ripon is a preferred racing facility for thousands of patrons, racegoers, owners, and sports fans from all over the globe.

Ripon has a set of unique characteristics that set it apart from the other sporting centres in the United Kingdom. First, it a left-handed course that measures about one mile and five furlongs. The course features a sharp bend that precedes the well-drawn-out five-furlong run-in. There’s also a chute that creates a six-furlong straight course. 

The series of Ripon’s cramped bends as well a few undulations along the straight make the course rather sharp. Since it is one of the easiest courses to navigate out there, it is a top training field for both apprentices and award-winning jockeys. It is enjoyed by hundreds of amateur jockeys who may find other British courses far harder to maneuver.

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