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Tuesday 12 July 2016

Turfway Park Racecourse - History and Facilities

Turfway Park Racecourse is an equine sporting amenity that is located in Florence in Kentucky – United States. The racetrack conducts sporting functions on two occasions annually – over the December holiday and during the spring season. At the same time, the racecourse offers simulcast betting services throughout the year. These simulcast wagering services are provided across the continent – involving both famous and little known sporting sites. Turfway Park’s simulcast wagering services are not only popular among American racing enthusiasts but they are also a sensation in Canada.

When the Racing Association of North America introduced a rating system for racing facilities in 2009, Turfway Park Racecourse occupied the tenth slot. The flourishing site was opened in 1959 as Latonia Racecourse in 1959. This name was derived from the original Latonia racing grounds that hosted equestrian competitions in the 19th century before it was torn down in 1939. The original Latonia Racecourse was home to the widely appreciated Latonia Derby. This major track event could only be rivaled by the Kentucky Derby – a first-rate gaming event that endured as a top favorite for numerous years. During these highly prosperous times, the racecourse’s proceeds far outweighed those of similar gaming sites in the country and even in Europe.

Despite its markedly prosperous years, the racecourse was later sold to a leading conglomerate Harrah’s Entertainment and a non-profit organization called Keeneland Association, in equal parts. Nonetheless, this repossession didn’t affect the fame and glory that the racing grounds had been previously enjoying. One of the biggest reasons why the glamorous sporting field’s influence didn’t wane despite changing ownership many times is that the purchasers had an amicable manner of sharing the possession rights. Because the profitability of the facility depended on its structural and managerial organization, the new owners carefully maintained the strong policies of the previous management in order to retain and maximize on event proceeds at Turfway Park Racecourse.

Turfway Park Racecourse has seen many glorious years in the world of equine sporting. For instance, the racecourse was also home to the Kentucky Cup Day of Champions. This illustrious event was closely fashioned after the Breeder’s Cup World Championships. However, the racetrack would later reduce the number of high-ranking fixtures held at the facility. One of the reasons why the management arrived at this decision was that the racecourse suffered a continuous string of managerial hurdles. Another paramount explanation for this reduction in major events is the fact that the sporting amenity was frequently under tough financial circumstances.

Again, Turfway Park Racecourse is also among the best leisure destinations in Kentucky. Even beyond the state, this high-ranking gaming facility is a legendary accommodation and hospitality center that continues to draw widespread attention from the equestrian gaming fraternity and even beyond. For people looking for top-notch conferencing opportunities for both social and commercial gatherings, Turfway Park is the right place to go. With an army of highly amiable customer support team, the facility is a leading events center that holds hundreds of public and private events every week. Whether it is a wedding or engagement function, the facility is your best choice for a top quality private function.