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Monday 18 July 2016

Delaware Park Racecourse - Equine Sporting History

Delaware Park Racecourse is an equine racing facility that also serves as a golf course and a casino. Located in Stanton, Delaware, it is one of the most important racing facilities in the United States. Found just thirty miles outside Philadelphia in Wilmington, the racecourse receives thousands of fans during its major sporting events. Additionally, the prime racing ground attracts hundreds of journalists from the region and beyond. It doubtless belongs to the league of racecourses that receive hundreds of racers, trainers, owners, and catering and hospitality punters from all over the world. 

Delaware Park Racecourse was designed by William duPont, Jr. a legendary architect who designed more than twenty-three American racecourses. Upon completion of major amenities, the premier sporting ground opened its doors on 26th June 1937. Today, the site enjoys unprecedented glory as the only thoroughbred facility in the whole of Delaware. Delaware Park’s races are staged from May to October every year. Apart from having a robust sporting culture that brings handsome profits, the racing arena also mints a great deal of profits from its wagering services which are among the most popular in the entire continent.  

Due to the facility’s increasing glory, it race purses has also been increasing in the past few years. With a purse of over $30,000, its races have attracted an ever increasing number of top contenders from all the corners of the country. In fact, the purse money for Delaware state racecourses was $6,000 above the average purse money for United State’s racecourses. This places the prominent comfortably in the league of the most outstanding racing sites. As a result of these increased monies generated by the influential venue, sponsorship deals, as well as live coverage deals, skyrocketed – making Delaware not only one of the most well-attended racing grounds but also rendering its key functions among the most televised events worldwide. 

Due to these favorable statistics, the venue attracted an unprecedentedly large number of first-time entrants during its 2005-2006 racing season. Although the facility was ranked behind other top-listed racing grounds in the purse money category, it was a marked improvement for the hitherto middling sporting amenity that had escaped the notice of many equine gaming pundits. One of the top states that bested Delaware Park included New York, which occupied the first slot with average purse money of $41,229 for every race.

One of the reasons why Delaware Park is widely famous is the fact that many prominent jockeys registered their debut victories at this racecourse. For instance, legendary field names such as Afleet Alex and Barbaro made the first wins of their illustrious sporting careers at Delaware Park Racecourse. Additionally, many award-winning horses won their career debuts at this glamorous venue before proceeding to establish major wins at major circuits in other states such as Florida, New York, and Kentucky.

Another historical strength enjoyed by Delaware Park Racecourse is the fact that it is the only mid-Atlantic that has consistently carded the Arabian racing meets. Additionally, the neighborhood has one of the largest Arabian racing populations in the whole world. While there are other racecourses that may match the number of Arabian racers found at Delaware Park, the fact that the site has churned out an unrivaled number of champions within this sporting niche makes it an incomparably prestigious racing facility.

With regard to hospitality and catering services, Delaware Park is doubtless second to none. For both public and private conferencing services, the racecourse is a leisure destination of choice for numerous high-flying guests not only from the country but also beyond the continent’s frontiers. All you need to do is book for advance preparation ahead of your social or corporate event. With a retinue of dedicated staff members that are set on satisfying all their esteemed customers, Delaware Park Racecourse is simply one of the very best hospitality and leisure centers in the country. 

Its wagering services are one of the best in the whole world. The Delaware Park casino has a great number of hi-tech slot machines that extensively used during major field events. This excellent betting paraphernalia include multi-jurisdictional progressive jackpot for the popular game Cashola. Furthermore, the facility received enduring fame after NFL betting became legalized in the state of Delaware. With grand prizes won year after year, the site has become one of the top favorites in the sports wagering world.