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Tuesday 12 July 2016

A Brief History of Equine Racing at Thistledown Racecourse

Thistledown is a thoroughbred sporting ground and a fully-fledged casino that is located in Ohio in the United States. The prestigious facility is owned and managed by Jack Entertainment. Due to its status as one of the most influential racing facilities in the United States, the grounds continue to attract thousands of fans when staging major sporting events. Moreover, the venue draws a great deal of media publicity from the environs and even beyond. As a result, its major track events are televised on numerous broadcasting stations within the country and even beyond.

The facility is under the statutory regulations of the local equine sporting governing body – Ohio Racing Commission. Home to the unprecedentedly popular Ohio Derby, the illustrious racetrack is home to the only graded stakes event in the state. Most notably, the site operates under the Ohio 7/7 program, meaning that racing events are staged in the same state concurrently. Every September, the racecourse takes over the races that are usually held at River Downs Racecourse. 

Around 2007, the track was put up for sale by Magna Entertainment – the parent company that owned it. This development was occasioned by the staggering losses that the racing ground was reported to have sustained within the two previous years. Due to the evidently staggering financial deficits that the racecourse has gone through for nearly a decade, the management reached the unanimous decision to give it out in a quick sale that didn’t immediately bear any fruits. After it was tendered for sale, the racecourse failed to attract a willing buyer immediately.

In June 2012, the state of Ohio ratified legislations that authorized the seven racetracks in its precincts to provide lottery terminals. Under this novel arrangement, the state laws allowed gaming establishments to target less concentrated areas in the region. The facility also received a wide berth of publicity when the Ohio Caesars declared their plans to pump well over 88 million dollars into the racing grounds. These investment decisions transformed the infrastructural outlook of the gaming hub. These included the installations saw the introduction of a 64-seater hotel as well as two food outlets.  

Despite its fair share of hurdles and challenges the sporting amenity has overcome a retinue of impossible shortcomings to become one of the most influential horse riding arenas in North America. It is not only a prime racing center that attracts dozens high-ranking sporting guests but also a great training ground that has provided the global racing fraternity timeless champions. With regard to facilities and structural endowments, Thistledown Racecourse conspicuously emerges as one of the most favorably ranked sites in the whole of Ohio.

In terms of catering and hospitality, the racecourse has established unparalleled fame as one of the country’s best recreation centers. With food joints that provide both local and indigenous cuisines, Thistledown Racecourse is the very best place to go for your outdoor pastime. Due to the availability of accommodation of accommodation services inside the racecourse and in the surrounding areas, the well-established grounds have steadily gained momentum as a foremost hospitality destination in the region and also worldwide.