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Sunday 3 July 2016

Oak Tree Racing - Historical Facts & Sporting Legacy

The Oak Racing Association is an American-based corporation that conducts thoroughbred sporting events in Southern California without generating any proceeds from the pastime endeavor. Having existed for several decades now, the non-profit venture has managed to command a great deal of influence from all over the world. Its events are always televised throughout the world as they are keenly followed by millions of racing enthusiasts from all over the map. Top wagering companies have also taken advantage of this limitless coverage of the association’s track functions to make an extra dollar as they give casual sporting fanatics as well as thoroughly seasoned equine racing gamblers a great opportunity to chase exciting prize offers.  

The idea behind this magnanimous undertaking was born out of a lengthy discussion between the operators of two notable racing facilities in the region – Del Mar Racecourse and the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. To create adequate time for the non-profit events, the two racecourses exempted themselves from the fall sporting activities and only indulged in summertime competitions. However, some leading stakeholders opposed the move at first, leading to extensive differences that interrupted the region’s racing calendar for over two months. Nonetheless, the momentary stand-off was soon resolved and the group launched their activities in an apparently leisurely manner that belies the association’s widespread renown today.

Due to these widespread disputes that marred equine sporting functions, some notable gentlemen convened a crisis gathering out of which the Oak Racing Association was born. These noteworthy personalities included Dr. Jack Robbins, one of the most brilliant proponents of the modern-day racing protocols not only in the United States but also throughout the whole world. Instead of setting up a racecourse from the scratch, the group instead opted to hire out already existing facilities only for the time they were conducting their competitions. The first racecourse that the group utilized for their maiden trial events was the Santa Anita Park Racecourse. This facility was leased temporarily to the Oak Tree Racing Association in 1969. Without looking back, Oak Tree Racing has defied numerous odds to become one of the most prestigious non-profit activities in the world of equestrian racing.

Usually held between the months of September and October, the sporting function is deemed to be among the greatest track events in the country. In 2016, the association organizes functions that involve horses exclusively bred within California. Due to the highflying nature of these widely attended events, they attract impressive sponsorship deals that range from racing companies promotional content to high-trending corporate commercials for numerous blue-chip firms in the whole of North America and even beyond. 
Further, the universally esteemed association conducts many successful sporting functions that just precede the World Thoroughbred Championships. For example, the highly regarded group hosted the globally celebrated Breeders’ Cup for many years including 1993 and 2009. Due to the well-choreographed manner in which these important events are conducted, many other charitable and even profit-generating racing bodies and long-established sporting centers have emulated the group’s outstanding managerial and organizational prowess. Even the World Thoroughbred Championships organizing committee has adapted many track protocols from the admirably well-arranged events staged by Oak Tree Racing.