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Monday 4 July 2016

A Brief History of Equine Racing at Pimlico Racecourse

Pimlico Racecourse is a thoroughbred equine sporting ground located in Baltimore in Maryland – United States. While the wonderfully structured facility is also widely renowned for its many high-ranking fixtures, it is chiefly regarded for routinely staging the inimitable Preakness Stakes. Due to a conspicuous infield rise, the racecourse is also popularly referred to as the “Old Hilltop”. A top favorite for both racing enthusiasts and distinguished racers, Pimlico is currently managed and owned by the Maryland Jockey Club. 

Pimlico Racecourse boasts a long and illustrious history in the world of equestrian racing. Officially opened in the fall of 1870, the well-known sporting amenity joined the racing fraternity by holding an unprecedentedly successful event that was won by the colt Preakness. In fact, the Preakness Stakes is remarkably named after the pioneering champion of the facility’s maiden fixtures. During these customary competitions, the racecourse’s expansive capacity of about 100,000 fans is always peopled to capacity, and live events feature hundreds of journalists’ cameras eager to chronicle the very best moments in the world of equine sporting.

During the many years following the grand opening, the sporting arena has battled a host of challenging disruptions – the perennial Baltimore riots being the most debilitating of these arduous hurdles. The infamous fire that ravaged Baltimore and shocked the entire world is one of the most puzzling crises that dogged the then fledgling amenity. By the same token, the historical economic meltdown that shook the whole globe also threatened to tear the racecourse apart in the mid 1930s. Similarly, the anti-gambling statutory ratifications that came into force in 1910 also badly affected the affairs of the heavily embattled sporting site.
Nevertheless, Pimlico Racecourse did not give in to the tremendous external threats that endangered its progress but successfully outgrew its myriad problems to become one of the best racing venues in the continent. As a result of its indomitable spirit that knows no boundaries, the racecourse continues to host numerous important races. For example, the Preakness Stakes, the racecourse’s leading track event so far, brings together several thousands of enthusiastic spectators drawn from the whole Mid-Atlantic region. The Preakness Stakes events of 2007 elicited a marvelous turnout of 121,263 – with many additional fans entering the overwhelmed grounds after the counting process. This great attendance catapulted betting proceeds to well over $87 million – effectively registering unprecedentedly impressive profits that far outstrip that of similar racing facilities in the whole world.

Furthermore, Pimlico Racecourse boasts a state-of-the-art catering and hospitality section that will leave everyone thoroughly satisfied. Ranging from the obvious urban trappings offered by the heavily industrialized surrounds to the excellent dining and accommodation amenities found inside the universally famed sporting grounds, Pimlico is an indisputably outstanding location for both casual sojourners and seasoned gourmets. With tasty exotic and unique American cuisines, the spectacular site should simply top everyone’s list of must-tour horse riding grounds in the United States. With great hospitality service packages that are variedly tailored to suit a wide range of client needs, Pimlico is one of those few leisure and entertainment centers that hardly disappoint their punters. Additionally, their dedicated team of friendly support staff is ever ready to help you pick the right packages that meet your individual needs. For more detailed information about Pimlico’s extra-racing services, you should visit the racecourse’s official website or contact the management over the phone.