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Friday 1 July 2016

Notable Details about Meadowlands Racecourse

Meadowlands Racecourse is a horse sporting racetrack found at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in eastern Rutherford in New Jersey - the United States. The racetrack stages both thoroughbred and harness gaming fixtures. It is widely referred to as "The Big M" among the New Jersey denizens.

Launched in the middle years of the 1970s, Meadowlands Racecourse held the first-ever harness racing event on 1st September 1976. However, thoroughbred sporting fixtures commenced on 6th September 1977. With the exemption of the first opening season in 1976, autumn has been devoted to the thoroughbred events, while the remainder of the year involves standardbred sporting activities.

The advert movement that heralded the commencement of thoroughbred sporting at the Meadowlands in mid 1977 was widely famed for its inclusion of the mantra "Racing with the Moon", initially popularized in 1941 by cheerleader Vaughn Monroe (referring to the truth that post-time is in the evening – a situation that yet pertains, even though afternoon fixtures during extended holiday weekends are infrequently put on). More current publicity campaigns have incorporated a straight and appealing approach to watching Meadowlands’ live sporting events: "It's All about Being Here – The Meadowlands!"

With its wide sweeping curves and extensive stretches, the "Big M" has been popularly regarded for outstanding times for harness sporting. The first ever sporting night at the racetrack involved the swiftest harness mile run in the entire New Jersey up to that day, by the unbeatable Rambling Willie. The global record for a mile by a great standardbred, by the award-bagging Holborn Hanover, superbly in rein to George Brennan, was achieved at the Meadowlands on 5th August 2006 in a subdivision of the United States’ Pacing Championship.

The Meadowlands Racecourse has been the venue of the extraordinary Hambletonian, the initial leg of the legendary Trotting Triple Crown, from 1981. Foremost drivers in the last few seasons have comprised Ron Pierce and Tim Tetrick. Meadowlands Racecourse is managed by the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, which also runs Monmouth Park.

Sam McKee and Ken Warkentin are the present race callers and broadcaster for the Meadowlands Racetrack. McKee is the presenter on Fridays and Warkentin is the telecaster on Saturdays. Expert sportscaster Dave Johnson, the facility’s leading public telecaster from its start up to the first months of the 2000s, still does promotional functions for the racecourse as its long-established foremost track announcer. In the latter months of 2009, the Meadowlands Rail Line was opened for sporting services, but it was also anticipated to run on the everyday basis upon conclusion of the close American Dream Meadowlands.

Bruton Smith, the proprietor of Lowe's Motor Speedway and other motorsports tracks, has had interests in Meadowlands Racecourse for a likely switch into a short track location for NASCAR sporting events in the New York City neighborhood. His latest of numerous attempts to buy the track aborted shortly before the dawning of the millennium. A statement given in January 2010 by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie detailed the suggestion of shutting down the Meadowlands Racecourse and selling it for profitable growth or transforming it into a NASCAR arena. Governor Christie has touted the idea of selling or leasing the racecourse to a private operative or closing it completely.