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Monday 11 July 2016

Tampa Bay Downs Racecourse - Historical Info

Tampa Bay Downs Racecourse is a thoroughbred racing ground that is located around Westchase in Florida – United States. The sporting facility was opened in 1926 under the name West Coast Jockey Club’. In fact, the prominent racing grounds have had a series of names including Turf Club’, Florida Downs’ and Sunshine Park’. After switching names for a number of times, the racecourse finally assumed its present title which it has retained ever since.

Tampa Bay Downs Racecourse holds its track races from the month of May all the way to November. Since its inception nearly a century gone, the site has amassed a colorful sporting history which has seen it overcome a lot of hurdles to become one of the most illustrious sporting grounds in the whole country. One of the reasons why the prestigious racing amenity has enjoyed great racing success is that it was founded by an able group of men who included Ohio investor named Harvey Myers and a renowned Kentuckian called Matt Winn. 

As the Second World War progressed across the Atlantic, the American army took over the management of the racecourse and started using it as a military training ground in 1943. The venue changed its name to Sunshine Park and introduced a number of ratifications that entailed the use of an electric starting gate and a photo finish in 1946.

In the course of the 1950s, the facility became a popular attraction that drew the attention of sportswriters from all over the world. These journalists thronged the training grounds in order to cover the baseball training that took place here during the spring season. Some of the legendary visitors who toured the widely recognized sporting venue, this time, include Arthur Daley and Grantland Rice. Many of these luminaries gave the grand place the fitting name: the “Santa Anita of the South”.

Riding on a horse named Lord Farkle, one of the most notable Hall of Fame members named Julie Krone rode to an illustrious triumph on these grounds in 1982 - aged only 17 years. This was the champion’s first track victory, and it thus gave the racecourse a lot of fame that has endured to this very day. A year later, the racecourse started staging regular horse races, although the Arabian-bred sporting programs ended in 2003. The current proprietors of this well-designed facility bought this venue in its entirety in 1986.

In 1998, Tampa Bay Downs introduced its grass track and expanded its coverage to the present capacity. Currently, the racecourse leads in terms of infrastructure and it is one of the most sophisticated racecourses in the United States. Again, the sporting grounds have hi-tech betting facilities that are only found at very few similar grounds in the country.

With respect to catering and hospitality services, Tampa Bay Downs also has one of the greatest amenities out there. As such, the site is a prime target for sightseers and clients looking for top-notch conferencing opportunities. In order to get further information regarding the catering hospitality at the racecourse, you are advised to visit its official web page. You can also directly call the customer care desk for further details about the different hospitality packages at Tampa Bay Downs Racecourse.