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Wednesday 1 November 2017

5 Ways to Suss Out and Select a Winning Racehorse

If you are an avid horse race better and are looking for smart ways to increase your chances of a sweepstake, you can do so in a few simple steps.

No, you don’t have to take a physical examination- although we doubt you would be allowed within touching distance of any participating thoroughbred. However, our experienced horse race bookies have shared some of their identifying tell-tale signs for a winning horse.

If you are a newbie to horse racing, the upcoming Breeders’ Cup challenge is a great opportunity to try these steps for sport. Become one of the lucky winners in a $28 million prize-winning. While it does not guarantee a 100% efficacy, we are sure they are worth checking out.
  1. Look at the trainers

When selecting a thoroughbred, check the experience of the trainer. You are not only looking for someone with past winning experience, but also their accomplished feats. How recent was their last victory? Has the trainer claimed the horse before; did they win anything while working together?
The answers to these questions are available online, and can also be found by talking to fellow horse race connoisseurs and betters. If a horse has a trainer with a winning past, and they have won together as a team before, pick those who have won 12% - 16% of their mounts, at least.
  1. Check for Changes in horse equipment

Look for 3 to 4 different thoroughbreds that have won their previous race, or at least made the top 5 finishers in their last race. Be sure to also look for notes on recent changes to equipment.

Look to see if a horse is using blinkers or not, check for bandages on on their legs (especially the front legs), and be sure to note if any changes have been made to their shoes based on track conditions.
  1. Analyse their last 10 races

Horse race pundits do it the logical way, by analysing the horse’s performance in the last 10 games, and forecasting future results based on analytics. If you are at a loss on which horse to pick, use this method. Sometimes, statistics pays off.
Look out for a pattern; suppose a horse has 2 in a row, won one, lost another and won 2 in a row, and so on- just like it did the last time. If you see a winning pattern, and the next race indicates a win, go for it. This may not seem exactly logical, but it works at times.
  1. Choose the healthy-looking horses

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it will surprise you how many people overlook this fact. Some horses are usually worn out and tired, perhaps due to overtraining by their handlers. Watch the horses carefully, if they seem tired, avoid betting on them.
This is why it is advisable not to bet too early. Wait until the last few minutes prior to a race before you cast your betting. This allows you to study each competing horse carefully before you make a final decision. The stronger and fitter the horse, the higher its chance of winning.
  1. Bet on the race favourite

This is a lazy way to bet, but it reduces risk and guarantees a fair measure of success. After all, 80% of people cannot be wrong about something, right? According to this dated article, betting on a race favourite wins 30% - 33% of the time. While it is not very high, it counts for something.

The only disadvantage is that reduces your payouts when you do win. Nonetheless, better something than nothing. However, if you want to increase your chances, go for the underdog- you never know, lady luck might just smile on you.