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Saturday 18 June 2016

A Day Horse Racing at Sligo in Ireland

You could literally stick a pin virtually anywhere on the map of Ireland and identify an area of natural attraction but the northwestern part of the beautiful country is singularly prized for its irresistibly scenic landscapes. This spectacular beauty aptly blends with the rich history in the Irish arts, great literature, and unbeatable music to create an authentic slice of the crystalline emerald isle. This is where Sligo Racecourse is prominently situated – in the very epicentre of insurmountable resplendence, a variegated cultural heritage, and naturally beautiful landscapes.

Sligo is a historically well-regarded town that is found in the county that proudly shares the name. Richly immersed in all the noteworthy attractions is Sligo Racecourse, a globally popular local sporting centre in which the top quality Sligo horse riding events form just a small part of an unforgettable racing day experience. The racing arena is located about 1km away from the town centre. However, the racecourse has not been on the same ground over the past few centuries.

People who go to Sligo from the eastern regions are singularly thrilled by the scenic views they enjoy along the long journey to the Sligo Racecourse. The famous course is fittingly nestled between two lofty mountains - Benbulben and Knocknarea. This unique positioning provides an incredibly panoramic vista that acts as a perfect accompaniment to wayfarers journeying to catch a glimpse of the top-class racing functions staged at Sligo.

Hospitality at the facility probably is not as expensive as many might presume. During the hot summer months, Sligo is a perfect visitor destination whose appeal is further boosted by the fact that the spring, as well as the summer seasons, overlaps with the key Sligo track fixtures. These notably popularised activities are often staged from early May till late August. Every year, a total of eight meetings provide opportunities to participate in some extremely exciting racing during the summer breaks and the celebratory aura at Sligo is most palpably felt at the two-day racing in August, which usually comes shortly after the Galway Summer Races. 

A noteworthy Grade two racecourse, Sligo has been used for some thoroughly exciting races that involve chart-topping stars like Jazz Princess. This unconquerable champion won here before earning a proud name as one of the best two-year-olds in the whole country and finding resounding success at the Curragh Racecourse a little later. One of the greatest novice hurdlers in the entire Britain, Brewster also registered a grand win at Sligo in 2005. The racetrack is not without its fair share of challenges and needs the very best efforts from the well-trained horses to triumph. A right-handed oval that stretches a little more than a mile, Sligo’s second half heading to the home straight is a fairly steady inclination which requires a good measure of stamina and tenacity. The peculiar nature of the track ends up in several close and stimulating finishes coupled with a few notable upsets at the same time.

The racetrack and high standards of horse sporting competition motivate some lively betting patterns during race day which just adds to the excitement and the overall appeal of Sligo racing to both knowledgeable and casual racegoers. A wonderful social environment for groups and parties, families will also have a great day out and there are opportunities for mixing business with pleasure and enjoying the corporate hospitality on offer. 

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