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Saturday 18 June 2016

Go Racing at Roscommon in Ireland

There are some parts of Ireland less travelled but provide the kind of places and thrilling activities for which the popular term hidden gem’ surely applies. 

One of such places is Roscommon. For most, it is associated with horseracing for a very good reason. It excels in hospitality and catering.

Roscommon sporting activities typify what equestrian racing is to the colourful history and rich culture of concealed Ireland and clearly presents an entirely genuine local flavour to the sport of kings.

Roscommon is a prominent town in the well-known county that coincidentally bears the same name and is aptly located in the epicentre of Ireland. Sports are quite famous in Roscommon, and the urban centre boasts a 30,000-capacity Gaelic Football field and a handball club of worldwide recognition. Like other places in Ireland, quite little provokes wild human passions like horse sporting and it is to these races that thousands of excited fans look for pastime and relaxation, as well as for thrills and reliving entertainment.

Sporting functions at Roscommon formally started in 1885 and, despite its understandable local attraction, the racecourse has hosted high-profile events featuring some of the most famous horses in the country. Most notably, Imperial Call had an unpromising debut here, coming third in an inexperienced chase at the prestigious Irish racing amenity before proceeding to win the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 1996. Roscommon's situated about one kilometre away from the civic center conveniently reached via the major Dublin to the Castlebar thoroughfare. Frequent train services frequently ply between Dublin and the Roscommon station, making the grounds among the most well-regarded racing arenas in Europe. 

The leading sporting arena got a new birth of worldwide fame when Enzelli proved triumphant the racecourse, a year prior to becoming the very first Irish horse in 30 years to register a victory in the Ascot Gold Cup in 1999. Moreover, the stables at Roscommon can put up about 95 horses and its fundamental amenities are exceptionally good. These are some of the present developments at the popular racing venue. These transforming redesigns led to the enviable recognition that Roscommon Racecourse scooped in 2004 after it was recognised as the leading facility to implement the most commendable infrastructural improvements. 

Besides emerging as one of the most improved equestrian racing facilities in Ireland, Roscommon Racecourse has also established immense fame as a top-class centre for both catering and hospitality services. With excellent dining and accommodation services within and outside the racecourse, Roscommon has doubtless been a preferred home to both local patrons and horse riding sightseers from many far-flung parts of the globe. Coupled with good quality racing services, the top-of-the-range catering and hospitality packages have attracted a great deal of media mention as extensive journalistic coverage over the years. 

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Contact details: Racecourse Road, Lenabane, Roscommon, Ireland

Tel: + 353 90 662 6231