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Tuesday 21 June 2016

Atlantic City Racecourse in United States

The Atlantic City Racecourse (ACRC), initially called the Atlantic City Race Track, is a sporting facility for pure breed horses that is positioned in the Mays Landing part of Hamilton Township, in the Atlantic County, New Jersey - United States. The horse riding amenity is situated just off the famous Black Horse Pike adjacent to the Hamilton Mall. Regardless of its name, the racecourse is located about 14 miles (23 km) away from the Atlantic City. The racetrack shut down completely in January 2015.

On the first three days of August 1969 about 100,000 fans attended the widely publicized Atlantic City Pop fete at the racing facility. The awe-inspiring numbers was an unforeseen and contentious state of affairs, as neighboring administration agencies and law enforcement departments hassled to react to the forerunner of the Woodstock Festival in the greatly urbanized New York just a short later. Roads leading to the racecourse were blocked with youthful people who impulsively poured in, making an ad-hoc hippy hollow around the forest areas in the surrounding area.

In the late days of the 1970s, the establishment of casinos in the Atlantic City had a big impact on racetrack’s heavy turnout did later races for high-quality horses from racino-type locations in the regional states. After some time, ACRC could not function gainfully as turnout and handle plummeted year by year. Racetrack proprietor Bob Levy declared the facility would hold a final shortened race meeting in 1998, and then shut down, most probably at the close of that year. The track stays open, however, operating short, fair-like racing meetings in order to maintain its simulcast license. In 2001, the racetrack was sold back to the proprietors of Philadelphia Park Racetrack and is presently primarily a simulcast amenity. From mid-1998 to the current day, ACRC hosted live race events of between four and 10 days every year.

On 16th November 2006 Hal Handel, the famous CEO of Greenwood Races, declared that ACRC would boost live racing time from 4 days every year to up to about 20 days annually. In mid-2008, racing events took place in 6 days; April 23, 24, 25, 30, May 1st, and 2nd. The New Jersey Racing Commission requested the racecourse to provide 20 days of sporting in 2009 but abridged the mandate to only six days when the management agreed to give up its quest for purse subsidy funding from a pact between the New Jersey equestrian racing fraternity and the Atlantic City betting services. 

In 2010, arrangements were unveiled to redesign a big number of the racetrack assets and redevelop the sporting facility. The plans call for the renewal of the grandstand and building of a nearby 20-story hotel and conferencing center, as well as a well-furnished office and research park held by NextGen Aviations. The main office park, which would be dubbed the "NextGen International Aviation Center for Excellence" would house six office structures amounting between 400,000 and 600,000 square feet (56,000 m2) on the present location of the parking lot, corporate and academic premises on the present location of the stables (which would be shifted), as well as a fully fledged transit center, which would substitute the present "Convenience center" in the Hamilton Mall parking lot.