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Thursday 25 March 2021

Caulfield Cup Horse Race Guide and Tips for Beginners

Horse racing is an exciting activity and is worldwide recognised as a sport. The sport is a favourite in Australia, where it is honoured in different events such as the Caulfield Cup. It involves a line-up of horses competing to show the strongest in the race. Let’s learn more about the Caulfield Cup.

Caulfield Cup 

Field and History The Cup is celebrated among the most famous horse racing events in the world. The horses allowed are thoroughbred and must have undergone excellent training by the best of the best trainers. It contains a 2400 metre handicap stretch and attracts many horses in Australia and its environs. It aims to determine the horses with the most stamina and strength. Once a horse wins, it gets the Caulfield Cup's glory, prize money of $5million, and a prestigious place in Australian history for horse racing. The name will go to the heroes section and goes down in history for excellent racing. All this takes place at the Caulfield Racecourse, Melbourne, Australia, in Mid-October. 

For a horse to qualify for the race, it must be three years and above. According to the Caulfield Cup form, the field only allows 18 starters. There are also an additional four emergency entries that are determined using a ballot system. Other factors determining the horse’s eligibility include the prize money, placings in other races, and wins. 

Caulfield Cup Tips for Betting 

Australian bookmakers are already offering horse racing bonuses and promotions to their bettors. During the Caulfield Cup, you can expect impressive and interesting odds so you can bet on your favourite horses. Let’s explore some favourable betting tips for the Caulfield Cup. 

Study a horse’s history before betting

Caulfield Cup only accepts horses 3-years and above. Check how the particular horses performed in the previous years, their strengths, weaknesses, and stamina under different courses. Some stats to check on this are the easy last time out winners, the trainers, the comments on the race, horses with good rating figures, and the class changes. 

Know the trainers and the jockeys 

Some trainers have already built a name for themselves. If you hear of a horse trained by Chris Waller, you already know it’s a special horse. These trainers go all the way to ensure that a horse is strong and tough enough to race for the Caulfield Cup. Check the jockeys as well and determine their experience. Novice and experienced bettors can tell dominant trainers. 

Surfaces or courses

The surfaces that the race is occurring play a vital role in the speed of a horse. Different horses are known to run better on different surfaces. While all horses are trained on various grounds and courses, particular horses do better on dry courses while others sprint on softer turns. Check your favourite horse’s preferred surfaces before betting. 

Choose the right bookmaker 

The operator you choose determines the amount you can get from a bet. If they have low odds, your winning amount will also be low. Check the reputation of the bookmaker and shop for lines from three or four providers.