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Monday 15 March 2021

2021 Cheltenham Festival Day 3

I hope the first two days went to plan!

It's business as usual for those in the know. However, what about the West Ham Football quartet and horse racing commentator Richard Hoiles. True, it sounds like a melting pot of opinions and added to the mix of this incredible Betway promotion - one of the best Cheltenham Festival promotions since John McCririck came to town - we have some strange happenings. 

Anyway, Jesse Lingard and his three pals take part in a hilarious horse-racing themed game show which include none other than Katie Walsh. What's more, the players: team Ireland Vs team England have to decide whether she is lying or not. 

Take a look at the video, below, and see if they can appreciate a pork pie [lie] or know the truth when they hear it. 

Very funny.