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Thursday 7 July 2016

Sam Houston Race Park - Sporting History & Amenities

Sam Houston Race Park is a popular horse sporting racetrack located in northwest Houston in Texas. This horse riding facility hosts tremendously important sporting fixtures despite its being one of the most recently established amenities of its kind in the region. Its events feature band performances by America’s leading artistes from across the genres. By the same token, Sam Houston’s events are televised throughout the world and its betting services attract thousands of betters from all over the map.

The racecourse was opened on 24th April in 1994 – making it one of the youngest sporting facilities in the United States. Despite being clearly out of the league of the oldest sporting centers in the nation, the racecourse remains the only Class 1 sporting facility in the region. The racecourse cost around 90,000 million to put up, and it is often used as a concert performance venue when there are no racing events in progress. Going by the volume of crowds that throng the facility every year, Sam Houston is considered to be the fastest growing racecourse in the United States. This is because its crowd capacities are increasing from one occasion to the next.

Further, the racecourse has been growing year after year. Again, it has been doing other property acquisitions over the past years since its inception. Most notably, the racecourse purchased Valley Race Park – a prominent greyhound sporting facility – in 2000. The prestigious venue’s biggest track attendance was recorded on 4th July 2008 – with an unprecedented attendance of 32,177. This is doubtless one of the largest attendances in the whole of the continent’s sporting history. 

The racecourse hosts two widely broadcast race meetings annually. Thoroughbred horse event runs from late January up to early March. American Quarter equestrian races are staged from the start of March through the middle dates of May. The remainder of the year the facility is open for simulcast sporting around the United States.

Along with the one-mile track & seven-furlong turf course for the participating horses, Sam Houston Racecourse provides eight bars, two restaurants, both private and public Grandstand suites, the exquisitely furnished San Jacinto Suite, the outstanding Celebration Suite, the greatly customized Director's Suite, and the House Suite. The racecourse contains numerous concession spots on the Club and Paddock levels.

Sam Houston Racecourse hosts numerous concerts all through the year. Each year the park stages the ZiegenBock Music Festival, a smaller adaptation of the Lone Star State Jam staged in Austin, Texas. A combination of Country Music's best artists brings thousands out to Sam Houston Race Park every year for the extra-flavored festival. The longstanding history of music performances at Sam Houston Racecourse includes top like Gary Allan, the Grammy-shortlisted Eli Young Band, Randy Rogers Band, and worldwide acts like Hadiqa Kiani alongside many other high-flying names in the industry.

For both conferences and meetings facilities, the racecourse is also a leading favorite. Many Texans and even people from other neighboring areas have held both public and private gatherings at Sam Houston Race Park. For both business-related functions such as professional seminars or social gathering such as engagement dinners, this prestigious location remains the best place to take your inimitably well-arranged event.