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Saturday 1 July 2017

Monmouth Park Racecourse - Historical Details and Other Remarkable Facts

Monmouth Park Racecourse is a premier horse sporting racetrack that is located in Oceanport in New Jersey – United States. Managed by the owners, the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, the facility has partially been under an operational lease by Darby Development, LLC. The racecourse’s marquee event – Haskell Invitational- has enduringly established international glory as the foremost racing experience on the ubiquitously popular venue. This extensively broadcast equine riding Championship draws thousands of excited spectators from the entire state.

This Monmouth’s top track event was aptly christened after the illustriously famous equestrian sporting enthusiast – Amory Haskell. The well-liked regular fixture was first held in 1968 as a handicap and saw the extensive participation of several high-flying champions and greatly honoured horses from the local racing fraternity. Another sterling aspect of the racecourse is that it presently hosts the Jersey Derby – a noteworthy annual competition that was formerly held at Garden State Park Racecourse. These key meetings in the packed calendar of American equine gaming were shifted to Monmouth after the shutdown of Garden State Park in 2001. 

The very first racetrack was founded in 1870 by the Monmouth Park Association. Positioned in Eatontown in New Jersey, the young facility was later bought by a bunch of well-off denizens and was for some time managed by one of their sophisticated comrades – David Withers. Mr Withers proved to be a great racetrack steward throughout his ten-year management since the amenity registered some of its lasting milestones under his excellent operation. Despite its financial woes shortly this successful phase, the indomitable racecourse has continued to weather a lot of challenges to remain top in the category of the best racing sites in the country and beyond. 

The facility’s fortunes seem to have started improving after the extensive management interventions of 1985. The New Jersey and Exposition Authority acquired the racecourse in a historical deal estimated at $85 million. This transition brought in a lot of goodies that included a new wave of steady sponsorship deals from the corporate world. Again, wagering services became a vibrant part of the middling racetrack – this almost doubled the racing proceeds and markedly increased event turnouts.

While the grounds are principally famed for their quality racing services, they are also a wonderful entertainment hub for thousands of local citizens. For instance, the Vans Warped Tour, a well-attended music and an extreme sporting gala, is yearly convened at Monmouth Racecourse. This tremendously extraordinary festival has catapulted its nationwide rankings to coveted digits over the past decade. The music gala also explains why the once middling establishment is now a leading favourite for increasing thousands of New Jersey racing enthusiasts and trainers alike.

In 2011, Monmouth Racecourse went through yet another managerial transition as Morris Bailey acquired a five-year lease for the operations of the site. Also one of the owners of Resorts Casino Hotel which is located Atlantic City. These developments were fuelled by the administration’s quest to merge the two corporate entities with a view to creating a marketing deal that promotes both sports wagering and racing. Five years after this commendable effort, the desired results have significantly been realised.  

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