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Saturday 8 July 2017

Belmont Park Racecourse in United States

In 1902, a group led by August Belmont II and past Secretary of the US Navy William Whitney looked for land around Long Island to put up the most sophisticated track in the country, one fashioned after the finest racecourses found in Europe. They discovered what they sought on the edge of the populous Queens County and the expansive Nassau County. At first known as Foster’s Meadow, its 650 acres of prime land comprised a turreted Tudor-Gothic manor owned by a man named William Manice, which was earmarked to act as the racetrack’s main Turf as well as Field Club up to 1956. Since their finding a wonderful piece of land on which they erected a tremendously well-drawn racecourse layout to the present day, Belmont Park Racecourse has risen in both fame and infrastructural wealth to become one of the most eminent equestrian gaming amenities in the United States. 

The elaborately pompous launch of Belmont Park on the 4th day of May 1905, impelled the first of innumerable traffic congestions in Long Island’s long history as well over 40,000 lively fans, in all modes of conveyance, attempted to arrive by the very first race post timing of 3 p.m. Unfortunately, not all of them arrived in time to catch a glimpse of August Belmont II’s historically lauded Blandy, at 7-1, amazingly hold off 100-1 shot Oliver Cromwell in the outstanding $1,500 Belmont Inaugural sporting function. Though belatedly, every latecomer would soon learn that something extraordinary was going on at Belmont Park Racecourse. 
Afterwards, James Keen’s Sysonby, notably listed No. 30 on the widely circulated Blood-Horse Magazine’s leading100 award-winning horses of the twentieth century, fronted his 3-year-old debut against the fantastic filly Beldame, yet another of Belmont’s excellent charges. During the heated stretch, Sysonby got an unforeseen challenge from 20-1 Race King, before the two timeless champions hit the wire in a dramatic dead heat. The unprecedented happenings of that day have entered history as some of the most enthralling highlights in the whole record horse racing globally. 

The most distinguished racing event at Belmont Park is indisputably the Belmont Stakes, the very final jewel of horse sporting Triple Crown. From 1919, when the well-known Sir Barton became the first jockey to sweep the universally watched Kentucky Derby, the Belmont and the Preakness, the epoch-making “Test of the Champion” has recognised but 11 champions of horse racing’s most impressive and rather elusive prize. The praiseworthy listing made Belmont Park Racecourse amass a great deal of positive publicity throughout the United States as well as gaining newfound esteem among key players in the European horse sporting fraternity.

Belmont Park doubtless holds a coveted place in sporting history and in other important areas as well. In the course of 1910, the flying trailblazers Wilbur and Orville Wright held a worldwide aerial event at Belmont Park that attracted 150,000 enthusiastic fans. In mid-1918, the racetrack acted as the New York City’s Terminal for the very first airmail network between New York and Washington, D.C. Moreover, Belmont Park was the famous location of “War Relief Day” in 1940 to help the American Red Cross and in 1943 staged “Back the Attack” Day, in which attending crowds had to purchase a war bond to get admittance to the racecourse. The total number of receipts bought on that day has been estimated to be $27 million. According to numerous surveys, this figure is among the biggest similar collections throughout the country.

The racecourse management team members proudly hold the yearly Belmont Stakes Blue Ribbon Run for Prostate Cancer, every year pooling over $100,000 for the charitable kitty dubbed Integrated Medical Foundation. The fund has helped hundreds of needy individuals from the neighbouring regions and beyond. This big-hearted venture is one of the key reasons why the gaming arena continues to enjoy credible rankings among equestrian sporting pundits and an endless stream of favourable media publicity both locally and internationally. 

In their continuing endeavour to help the people and well-picked organisations that sponsor racing activities, NYRA stages Races for Military Veterans, another for First Responders, and many other community associations. As such, Belmont Park Racecourse is not only an excellent place to watch the finest horse sporting events but also a humanitarian group that has a soft heart for noble community ventures aimed at improving the quality human life throughout the country and beyond. 

The racecourse also features ATMs that are situated on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Grandstand as well as the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors of the clubhouse. These withdrawal booths are meant to make it easy for punters and invited guests to access fundamental banking services without having to exit the sporting amenity. Those entering the sporting facility are charged only $5 with the exemption of the Belmont Stakes Racing fete. However, it is imperative to make prior inquiries since admittance charges may vary depending on the Belmont event in question. This will cushion you against any last minute disappointments when there’s little you can do. 

Additionally, the management advises visitors to sign up for tickets online and make their payment ahead of important racing functions or other events that are likely to attract huge numbers of guests. This is meant to save punters any eleventh-hour embarrassments that could have been circumvented by doing adequate preparations in good time. Guests who have any pertinent inquiries can also contact the management on a phone or via email. Alternatively, you can also visit the main website in order to gather all the vital information you seek and submit a ticket if you still have any further queries. The Belmont client support team will no doubt happily respond to your individual concerns within the most reasonable timing possible.  

Again, Belmont Park Racecourse is also well-known for its excellent catering and hospitality facilities that very few racing grounds in the United States can rival. Notably, the racecourse provides fantastic packages for both dining and accommodation services. Further, their conferencing packages for both private and corporate events are incomparably customer-oriented and are also offered at unbeatable affordable rates. The location of choice for common gatherings and functions such business-related consortia and wedding receptions is indisputably Belmont Park Racecourse. Nevertheless, just like with any other services offered at Belmont Park, it is prudent to do your venue booking and other essential event preparatory arrangements in time to avoid any last-minute stressful hassles.

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