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Thursday 9 June 2016

Your Guide to Ballinrobe Racecourse

Ballinrobe Racecourse is a well-known horse sporting facility that is found in Ballinrobe, County Mayo - Ireland. The exquisite Irish venue is quite distinct due to the fact it is the racecourse in Co. Mayo. It stages both flat and National Hunt racing fixtures that attract thousands of fans, racegoers, patrons, and owners from the whole country. 

While not specifically one of the world’s most influential equestrian gaming facilities, Ballinrobe has nonetheless shown a lot of promising signs that have given it preeminence as one of the fastest growing courses not only in Ireland but in the whole of Europe.  

As you plan your day out at Ballinrobe, you are advised to first acquaint yourself with the current schedule. Particularly, you are informed to know when the first race is taking place so that you can carefully make your travel arrangements. In order to avoid missing an important racing event at Ballinrobe, the management advises you to be at the facility at least half an hour before the commencement of the first race. 

Early arrival gives you a chance to familiarise with the site’s surrounds and amenities. Fans who call in early enough get a chance to grab a drink and place some well-thought-out wager.  

You are at liberty to purchase tickets at the admission desk immediately after you arrive. There is a great option to pre-book tickets. Tickets go for €15 per individual, with concessionary offers for senior citizens visiting Ballinrobe Racecourse. 

However, you must show a valid ID for you to be eligible for these offers and age-limited discounts. Children who are below the age of 14 years are allowed in free of charge as long as they are accompanied by adults who have admission privileges such as tickets or other permits recognized by the management. 

Ballinrobe is among the very few racecourses in Europe that do not have any strict dressing regulations. Nonetheless, this does not give anyone the express license to wear any clothing that may be deemed generally indecent or sexually suggestive. There is no mandatory dress code at Ballinrobe – provided the attendees basically adhere to the unspoken rules of natural decorum that would be permissible in a culturally and religiously various society.

Further, the management advises guests and fans to wear whatever they find personally comfortable, but with a particular mindfulness about the prevailing weather situation. For instance, a light jacket for evening meetings is one of the few suggestions provided by the racecourse’s management.

Dining and accommodation services are at their all-time best here. With a wide range of packages for virtually everyone, Ballinrobe’s catering and hospitality department has at least something to suit every taste and budget. By the same token, the venue is an excellent location for couples heading for the nuptials and top corporate functions for any 21st-century or commercial venture that honors the matchless merits of the global digitalization of major entrepreneurial operations. Ballinrobe is the place to have fun and savor unforgettable moments – whether or not there are racing events playing out on the track. 

Visit Ballinrobe Racecourse Here. 

Contact details: Ballinrobe Racecourse, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo 

Tel: 094-9541811