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Thursday 9 June 2016

Bellewstown Racecourse: Website, Twitter & Facebook

Bellewstown Racecourse (Ireland), aptly situated on the Hill of Crockafotha in Co Meath, is magnificently sited in a pastoral setting with outstanding views of the Mountains of Mourne to the north and the sparkling waters of the Irish Sea to the east. 

Bellewstown has two celebrations; one during the first week of July and the other at the end of August. For more information about racing at the facility, fans and patrons are advised to check the official Bellewstown racing calendar. The racing events at the site have always been connected to the smell of recently mown hay and the crisp taste of sweet-scented strawberries and cream.

Punters are encouraged to go for the yearly Bellewstown badge. This badge will see you treat yourself or your loved ones, close friends or clients, to a memorable gift of the racecourse’s 2017 annual badge. For all the inquiries regarding the eligibility and issuance of these badges, clients are advised to contact the administration in order to get vital information to help them decide on the right package that suits their unique personal needs.

Bellewstown Racecourse is a tremendously well-furnished sporting centre that boasts a long illustrious history. For instance, Barney Curley is popularly reputed to have undertaken one of the biggest betting coups in Ireland with Yellow Sam at this facility in 1975. This broadly publicised development engendered a lot of media debates on numerous sports channels and exclusive coverage in key publications throughout the world. As a result, the horse riding grounds gained a great deal of popularity – even attracting a new string of horse sporting tourists from as far as Canada and The United States. 

In a similar vein, Bellewstown is particularly known for its outstanding corporate entertainment opportunities. Here, they unapologetically break the boring corporate rules that have gone with the obsolete trends of the past centuries. Bellewstown’s corporate entertainment team well understands that that business can be quite mundane if it is not mixed with a well-calculated measure of pleasure. This categorically explains why this leading racing site has continued to enjoy a steady stream of fans and noted racers from as far as London.

At Bellewstown, they accept reservation of up 400 guests. Despite the number of guests in attendance, this globally celebrated Irish facility will treat all of them to a cheerful evening. Besides excellent dining and accommodation options, they stage long entertainment hours under the superintendence of noteworthy celebrity tipsters.

With a wide range of activities, the racing site will get everyone busily engaged regardless of their individual tastes. There are well-stocked bars and pubs that play soothing tunes to help you while away sweet moments in a most pleasurable style. Depending on the schedule, the management may sometimes hire top performers at the hospitality section. For weddings and other important social functions, Bellewstown is simply an ideal location to hold your unforgettably splendid occasion.

For both private and corporate reservations, clients are advised to contact the top management ahead of time. Preferably, Bellewstown hospitality support asks their customers to do their bookings at least a week before the scheduled date so as to thwart any last-minute disappointments.

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Contact details: Bellewstown Racecourse, Bellewstown, County Meath, Ireland

Tel: 041 9823614