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Sunday 8 January 2023

Wolverhampton Racecourse: Website, Twitter Link & Facebook Page

Visitors and patrons to Wolverhampton Racecourse today may be tempted into thinking that it is a contemporary facility with scanty or no history at all. Its current amenities and the state-of-the-art hotel facilities around the Dunstall Recreation centre offer the false impression that these illustrious grounds have recently been established.

Nevertheless, racing at Wolverhampton Racecourse has been documented as among some of the earliest events in Britain. Despite having changed locations several times, the racing facility is one of the most prominent racing centres in the United Kingdom. Attracting hordes of enthusiasts from all over England, Wolverhampton has joined the club of the most enduring horse sporting facilities that prominently shaped the history and nature of English horse riding competition. In a similar vein, the grounds elicits a great deal of unceasing media publicity from the four winds of the earth. Track events at Wolverhampton can be viewed throughout the world.  

Located in the heart of England, Wolverhampton is currently the busiest horse riding site in the United Kingdom, currently staging approximately 90 race meetings every year. Surrounded on one side by the Stafford and the landmark Worcester canal and on another by the major railway line from Shrewsbury, along with the historical Birmingham Canal, it might appear that Dunstall Park has so little to even recommend it, but nothing could be so far from the bare truth. 

The Wolverhampton area has excellent transport networks, being slightly close to the M6 and M54 notable motorways. Positioned north of the civic centre, the racecourse is to be found a little off the A449 dual carriageway, where there are many chocolate road signs providing the final directions to the track. As well as a well-laid-out racing venue, the globally recognized facility also houses a conferencing & exhibitions centre, as well as a panoramic eatery and a well-furnished hotel. 

There is a rich history of horse racing occurring at locations in Wolverhampton, dating back as far as mid-1887. Dunstall Park course was customarily a mixed racing venue, offering both flat and National Hunt cards on the turf, but this all altered in 1993 when the racecourse underwent a full redevelopment and was uplifted into the first all-weather, resplendently floodlit track in Great Britain. The main turf course remained in place nonetheless but was only made use of sparingly with a hardly any jumping event each year. 

Originally, a Fibresand track akin to that at Southwell was set up, but in 2004, this was substituted by a Polytrack surface, along with redesigning to some of the other key amenities. Since that time, the racecourse has only held all-weather, flat racing events. 
Wolverhampton Racecourse is left-handed (that is anti-clockwise), oval-shaped, roughly one mile in total length with well-spaced chutes for 6 and 7-furlong starts. It is the most analogous in proportion, of any of the British racecourses to tracks found in the United States. Nimble and handy types of horses appear to do well here and it is normally considered that there is likely little draw unfairness at Dunstall Park. As such, many important events in the British horse sporting calendar are held at Wolverhampton Racecourse.

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