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Saturday 7 January 2023

Southwell Racecourse: Websites, Twitter Links & Facebook Page

Southwell Racecourse is a thoroughbred sporting facility that is found near Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire, England. It is one of the five racing grounds that have an all-weather track in the United Kingdom, and thus among the finest sites of its kind in the country. Again, it is the only racecourse in Britain that features a fibersand surface – a meticulously done mixture of wispy fibers.

As a result of these two structural and textural advantages, Southwell is one of the highly favored sporting amenities in the entire England. It is also one of the largest racing centers in terms of crowd capacity. Due to these strengths, Southwell stages a number of exceedingly notable track events.

The fibersand racing surface is therefore of great significance. It is highly liked by racers and trainers alike because it is deep, which gives it a great deal of stamina. Regardless of the season, hundreds of hardworking jockeys are always seen at the racecourse – even throughout the winter. 

Southwell Racecourse is a place where many award-grabbing horses were first put to track. In a similar vein, numerous high-profile sporting stars have a history of training at the highly regarded racing facility. Indeed, Southwell is a first-class horse riding spot that receives a lot of prime media coverage and brimming crowds of enthusiastic fanatics.

The sporting arena is also universally renowned for hosting some of the most important horse riding competitions in the United Kingdom and the whole continent at large. One of the most followed sporting occasions held at the facility is the National Hunt racing. 
In 2007, when Doncaster Racecourse closed for routine redevelopment, the Great Yorkshire (presently referred to as “Skybet”). The two championships gave the famous arena a new wave of increased fanaticism. When the Great Yorkshire was shifted to the riding grounds, new faces of celebrated jockeys and media commentators could be sported at Southwell. Over the last seven years, the facility has shaken off the notion that it is a middling racecourse and entered in the famous list of UK’s top ten racing grounds. 

Southwell Racecourse has a notable history with the globally celebrated female jockey Hayley Turner. She grew up at the site – with her first job as a trainer at the Southwell track. However, the racecourse was temporarily closed in 2012 due to a catastrophic flood that submerged the track and most building on the site. As a result of this natural disaster, all the racing activities scheduled to take place at the arena were transferred to Lingfield and Wolverhampton. 

Nevertheless, Southwell Racecourse resumed its racing activities after it was reopened on 5 February 2013. With a seven-race flat meeting to mark the grand reopening, Southwell emerged stronger and reinstated its previously popular continent-wide acclaim. 

The reconstruction created a lasting impression on top clients and blue-chip guests. After the highly celebrated reopening, a stream of corporate and social conferencing punters thronged the revamped grounds. The management turned the flooding misfortune into a strength by utilizing the hiatus to undertake cross-cutting redesigns that gave Southwell Racecourse a renewed look. The refurbished look many times better than its older pre-flooding outlook of Southwell Racecourse. 

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Contact details: Arena Racing (Southwell) Ltd, Rolleston, Near Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG25 OTS

Tel: 01636 814481