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Wednesday 26 January 2022

Wetherby Racecourse: Website, Twitter Link & Facebook Page

Wetherby Racecourse is a prominent racing facility situated close to the town of Wetherby in the western Britain - about twelve miles (19 km) away from Leeds civic centre. Originally, dedicated to National Hunt events it staged its initial Flat racing occasions in April 2015.

Wetherby Racecourse is positioned on the York Road, straight adjacent to the A1 (M). The racing facility can also be visited from Walton Road at the back of the great stands. 

Racing activities in Wetherby first occurred on Scaur Bank now formally referred to as King George V racing arena, although still popularly referred to as 'Scaur Bank' or 'The Ings'. 

Around 1891 racing shifted to a newly established ground located off York Road. From the mid-1920s to the late 1950s the venue was connected to Wetherby railway station. In the mid-1930s, the initial terraces were put up. A fresh two-tier stand was constructed near this in the late 1970s before the new resplendent Millennium Stand was unveiled. 

The Millennium Stand provides executive dining and conferencing facilities. Up to 1963, Racecourse Specials operated from Wetherby railway station from Bradford Interchange on special racing occasions. As the station on York Road had shut down several years before, for many years the only railway network was through the station at the Linton Road at the far end of Wetherby from the sporting ground. 

Wetherby Racecourse was the very last site in Yorkshire that held only National Hunt jump events, but it currently stages Flat events too. The racecourse course declared early in 2014 that they were conducting an inquest into the staging summer Flat racing and were thus granted four notable fixtures when the 2015 racing list was made public in October 2014. The first Flat sporting fixture occurred on 26 April 2015. 

Premier Enclosure is housed inside the Millennium Stand. While there is no strict dressing code, the administration advises smartly casual clothing. Fans in this section have express access to the most lavish bars and hotels that include the White Horse Restaurant and Mezzanine Bar.

Paddock Enclosure is the biggest of the three enclosure sections is the middle spec, Paddock Enclosure. This is located within the two former stands and has open access to the A1 Bar as well as many of the book makers as well as the large Tote betting shop.
Course Enclosure is arguably the most affordable of the enclosures is located ted in the exact centre of the racecourse. It has it has a fully-furnished bar, modern cafe, Tote Betting Shop, Bookmakers stands plus the 'big screen'; nonetheless, it doesn’t have many of the amenities the other enclosures have.

Wetherby is among the leading British racecourses that charge the cheapest admittance rates. While the admission fees range from £20 to £27, there are several uniquely customized packages for individuals entering as a small or large group. In the same vein, Wetherby’s hospitality services are among the most pocket-friendly across the country.

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Contact details: The Wetherby Steeplechase Committee Ltd, The Racecourse, York Road, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS22 5EJ

Tel: 01937 582 035