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Friday 21 January 2022

Navan Racecourse in Ireland

Navan Racecourse is a globally acclaimed racing facility located at Proudstown in the famous region of Navan, County Meath - Ireland. The sporting site is found approximately forty-eight kilometres away from the Irish capital - Dublin. The prominent racecourse features Flat and National Hunt racing fixtures. The universally popular racing grounds are owned by Horse Racing Ireland. While it is not among the oldest horse racing locations in Europe, its series of widely transformative developments over the past few decades has rendered it a top racing centre that attracts thousands of fans and an endless stream of media attention across the globe.

Navan ranks favourably among the fastest growing courses in the whole of Ireland and this is clearly depicted in the fine quality of its sporting events which naturally draws some of the greatest horses in the region. It holds both flat and jumps horse racing events but it is more widely known for the latter. During the Autumn and Winter months, National Hunt stars head to Navan. Its star-studded events are one of the explanations why the racecourse has continued to top the charts as a preferred racing destination not only in Ireland but also in Europe. 

Important investments in the racecourse have attracted huge crowds and a roll of top-class horses, trainers and jockeys. Big names who participated in Navan’s events include Mac's Joy, the unrivalled Watson Lake, the universally celebrated Back in Front, the Moscow Flyer, the great Limestone Lad, the unchallengeable David's Lad, the indomitable Solerina, the invincible Hardy Eustace, and Emotional Moment. Due to the influx of these top stars, very few Irish and English sporting venues can rival the racing glamour found at Navan Racecourse. It is simply in an enviable class of its own – in terms of racing quality and qualified management.

Navan is a generally left-handed racetrack that extends up to one mile four furlongs with a rather straight sprint track of almost six furlongs. Its home straight measures three-and-a-half furlongs with a steady ascending finish from two furlongs out. Due to its favourable leveled topography, the horse racing amenity is widely preferred by trainers, owners, and top-class horses. It is consistently ranked among the very best horse racing facilities not only in the region but also throughout the world of equestrian sporting.

If you thought that Navan is only known due to its horse racing fame, then you are completely wrong. The racecourse is also home to Europe’s well-reviewed catering and hospitality amenities. 

As such, Navan’s racegoers, owners, trainers, fans, and visitors from all over the map are often treated to the best services in the world of dining and accommodation. Additionally, it provides excellent social and corporate conferencing facilities out there. It is the ideal location to hold your business-related functions such seminars and company get-togethers or social events like wedding ceremonies and engagement parties.

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Contact details: Proudstown Road, Proudstown, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland. 

Tel: + 353 46 902 1350