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Tuesday 21 June 2016

The History of Bay Meadows Racecourse in United States

Constructed on the previous venue of an old airstrip, Bay Meadows Racecourse was the racing center that persistently managed racetrack for thoroughbred horses in the whole of California. It has a most illustrious history, having been established on November 13, 1934, up to its shutdown on August 17th, 2008. The ingenious William Kyne started pari-mutuel betting at the sporting arena, the well-liked Daily Double, the first ever all-enclosed start-gate, the hi-tech totalizator board and the crystal-clear photo-finish cameras at Bay Meadows.

At Bay Meadows Racecourse, the record-breaking Seabiscuit registered two important victories: 1937 and 1938 race events. The prestigious racecourse was permitted to stay opened during World War II due to nits its agreement to provide 92% of its proceeds towards the noble war’s budget. The site made more than four million United States dollars for War Relief causes in the course of the war period. Its capacity to remain operational during the global war explains its legacy as the longest continuously operational racetrack in the whole of the United States. In mid-1945, the very first horse to be ferried in an airplane, El Lobo, was famously set down in the facility’s parking area.

Bay Meadows' gaming season started in August with the then well-known San Mateo County Fair part of the prominent race meeting, which took place for over two weeks. This was immediately followed by a brief break lasting only a few days. Until recently, this break helped shun conflict with the earliest week-and-a-half of the world-famous California State Fair horse sporting gathering. Racing resumed around Labor Day Weekend with the principal event for thoroughbreds, which was divided into two portions—the first one during the fall months, the other scheduled to take place during the spring and the very first summer months.

All through its long and memorable history, Bay Meadows has also staged harness and quarter horse sporting events, but as a result of the low proceeds, such events create, those meetings were not held during the very last years of the racetrack. At the very end, Bay Meadows focused wholly on thoroughbred sporting functions. Great names like Olden Times, the unconquerable Silky Sullivan, the epoch-making Citation, timeless winner John Henry, the invincible Round Table, and the ever unbeatable Lost in the Fog have participated in Bay Meadows Racecourse. In 1954, an indomitable champion Determine registered an important win the Bay Meadows Derby and then went to take the Kentucky Derby. Wild Again ran at Bay Meadows in 1984 before proceeding to triumph in the Breeders' Cup Classic. On December 1st, 2006, award-winning jockey Russell Baze emerged victorious in the fourth race to surpass Laffit Pincay, Jr. as the most victorious rider in the thoroughbred racing category.

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