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Wednesday 22 June 2016

Belterra Park Racecourse in United States

Belterra Park, initially referred to as River Downs, is situated near Cincinnati, Ohio. Belterra maintains a long custom of horse sporting in Ohio. The initial River Downs opened its doors in 1925, about fifteen years after the old track, Old Oakley Racecourse, had shut down. River Downs was bought by Pinnacle Entertainment in mid-2011 and the track was re-titled in October 2013. Belterra Park provides both horse sporting events and gaming facilities, both simultaneously reopening at the rebuilt venue in May 2014. Belterra has a dirt oval that measures one mile and features a seven-furlong well-laid out turf course.

Belterra Park has an illustrious horse sporting history of almost a century. Since its former days as the main Coney Island track and River Downs, the riverside gaming facility has hosted several award-winning events featuring timeless jockeys and tens of globally celebrated horses. They currently provide a hundred race dates, as well as over 1,000 stalls and prominent stakes racing functions such as "The Best of Ohio" gaming series, and the irresistible Queen City Oaks.

Aptly titled for its illustrious gaming history of their property and racetrack esteem as an enduring racing center, the River Downs Club is the proud home to Cincinnati’s most thrilling and calm Simulcast betting. The neighborhood features well over 35 gigantic TV screens to tap all the racing activity from the tracks across the expansive nation, right from the famed Churchill Downs, to the far-flung Santa Anita & many others. Further, there are about sixteen fully fledged self-service wagering stations for your expediency plus seven additional teller facilities to make your most prudent bets. For their veteran jockeys, they also provide personal carousels that feature up to two television sets and extremely comfy chairs.

The popular River Downs Club is another outstanding explanation why Belterra Park is a really remarkable location to play. They offer stunning views of the central racetrack in a comfy atmosphere with a painstakingly thoughtful staff to cater for all your personal needs. Belterra gives you a chance to experience all the rare thrills of real-life simulcast horse sporting with about 50 terminals and television sets for betting on numerous racetracks throughout the country. It will also be impractical to miss the illustrious history of their storied riverside amenity. The River Downs Club prominently features original racecourse memento, including well-known jockey silks obtained from Cradle Stakes sporting functions. It is for this same reason that the facility attracts an endless stream of media publicity.

At Belterra Racecourse, local punters and sporting sightseers from all over the world are treated to top class entertainment steered by top-charting deejays from the best in the music industry. Occasionally, the racecourse holds live performances led by certain leading names in the showbiz fraternity. 

Additionally, the management assures their esteemed customer top-notch catering and hospitality services. Their dining and accommodation services are uniquely tailor-made to meet the diverse needs of customers from all walks of life. According to the rave reviews that the facility has received from both sightseers and devoted clients, Belterra is the place to go for a memorable experience – whether it’s racing thrill or catering and hospitality service provision.