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Monday 31 May 2021

Cartmel Racecourse Website, Twitter Link & Facebook Page

Cartmel Racecourse is a small racecourse found in Cartmel in the Ceremonial County of Cumbria, England. About seven meetings are held at the venue between late April and August every year. Although the site is smaller than most other race courses in Britain, it is a scenic venue with great attendance.

Despite the racecourse’s small size in terms of surface area, it has the longest run-in in the whole of Britain. The run-in measures 4 furlongs – a length that surpasses those of other popular English racecourses. One of the signature cultures that have made the racing spot outstanding is the enduring practice of rewarding triumphant racehorse owners with Cartmel Stick Toffees.

The first documented account of racing at Cartmel Racecourse dates back to 1856. However, most horse racing historians contend that it is highly likely that some horse riding events took place before this date. Initially, the racecourse was run by contributions from the local landed gentry. 

Prior to the two major world wars, the venue only held events that involved amateur jockeys. However, professional competitions started after the first half of the 20th century. The inclusion of formal race meeting attracted a series of multi-million-pound redesigning that gave the racecourse its present outlook.

The historical Gay Future Syndicate occurred at Cartmel Racecourse. Unmasked in 1974, the scandalous conspiracy happened due to an absence of any reliable communication system. The infamous colluding involved the outlawed exchange of horses shortly before races began. The most lauded racehorse at grounds is Soul Magic, who had registered seven victories on the Cartmel track before the 2014 racing season.

Among the top reasons for Cartmel’s fame is the world-class hospitality it offers patrons, racers, and visitors. The general atmosphere of the place has also been cited by fans as one of the most conducive for a day out with friends or loved ones.

Further, Cartmel Racecourse offers excellent camping opportunities for both native and foreign patrons and visitors. The classic hotels and accommodation facilities found at these racing grounds have been lauded from all over the world. Cartmel and the bordering neighbourhoods are home to many internationally recommended hotels. The inviting amenities not only provide unrivalled levels of comfort but are also praised because they offer visitors comparatively affordable services. 

There are various categories of tickets that one can purchase at Carmel. You can either acquire a ticket for the Course Enclosure or Paddock Enclosure. Each of these two categories has detailed descriptions which visitors are given on arrival to help them pick the type of ticket they wish to purchase. 

The Cartmel Paddock Enclosure has the Grandstand and the Paddock, the Louis Roederer Restaurant, Ring/Winner's Enclosure, Marquee Village, and the Winners Enclosure. The main office for the horse racing venue is also located within the Paddock Enclosure. Holders of the Paddock Enclosure ticket are usually allowed to freely cross to the Course Enclosure as long as no horses are on the course. Again, holders of the Course Enclosure tickets may also cross into the Paddock Enclosure but horses are not permitted.*