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Thursday 12 August 2021

Glorious-Goodwood Horse Racing

King Edward VII once mentioned that Glorious Goodwood Festival is similar to a garden party. However, he may have forgotten the actual reason for the popularity of this gathering, which is exceptional horse racing action. After the Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood is a prominent racing event. This is a five-day event wherein horses from all around the world participate. The challenging courses and unique setting of this event are enough to keep the audience stunned.

Every year, the event takes place by the end of July or the start of August. During these five days, you can witness 35 incredible matches with different formats. Besides the entertaining races, the event is also a social gathering for the British upper class. Every year about thousands of enthusiasts visit the Goodwood venue to witness the thrilling races and enjoy the atmosphere.

Many people visit the event just to wear their favorite summer dresses and style like a model. However, others find it a great opportunity to bet on their favorite participants. People, who cannot visit the location to enjoy live entertainment, take part in the Glorious Goodwood betting via online websites. 

Racing at the Glorious Goodwood Festival 

Every day during the season is a package of great fun as you can witness seven amazing races. Currently, the official name of this event is Qatar Goodwood Festival. However, previously, people used to call it Glorious Goodwood. The total reward for all these races is 5.5 million British pounds. Several Group races include high stakes wherein top-most horses compete with each other to win the attention of the crowd. This year the event took place between 27th July to 1st August. You can check the results of the Glorious Goodwood Festival 2021 and find the names of the horses who are leading the charts.

The third day of the event is Ladies Day. On this day, you can witness the Magnolia Cup, which is a race for female jockeys. The five days of the event include three Group One races. These top featured races are Sussex Stakes, Goodwood Cup, and Nassau Stakes. 

Types of Bets at Glorious Goodwood Festival 

Are you interested in betting on the next Glorious Goodwood Festival? Then you should know the options the organizers are offering. You can choose between two betting options. The first type of betting includes straight bets. In this type of betting, you need to choose a single horse that you think will finish in the top three places. Betting on these races is quite simple.

Accumulators or exotic bets are difficult betting types. When you are exotic betting, you must anticipate accurate winning order for a particular race. You can also win the bet if you can predict winning horses of four consecutive races. In this type of bet, you need to make plenty of effort to get all the orders right.