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Monday 21 January 2019

The Grand National (Betting From The Dark Side Of The Moon)

The Grand National. Let's face it, even a big green-eyed alien sitting on the dark side of the moon knows about the greatest steeplechase on Earth. 

The voice of Sir Peter O'Sullivan echoes across the milky way as ancestors of the Roswell incident tune in their radios to listen to the third victory of Red Rum in 1977. The pursuit for lifeforms to meet their distant relatives bypassed by a gambling spree which resembles Battlestar Galactica. 

The universe stopped for a moment with news that Ginger McCain had done the impossible. The cheers of the Aintree crowd muffled by the tail of Halley's Comet.  

There are plenty of things we have all learned about the Grand National. Captain Becher was a coward who didn't like the taste of ditch water. Red Alligator was a horse. West Tip isn't at the top of Mount Everest. And Party Politics was a winner back in the year 1992. 

We all have our favourites when it comes to the race of races. Bob Champion still makes grown men cry with his courageous win on Aldaniti, while Foinavon proved that anything is possible. 

Did you know that Foinavon was just one of five horses to win the Grand National at odds of 100/1?

I mean, who would ever forget betting on a 100/1 winner? 

Not even Zog The Almighty, who lives on the fifth rock from the sun. 

But here's something for those who get sick and tired of hearing the same information like it's run on a loop.

''Yes, I know Red Rum won the Grand National 3 times!''

Tell me something I don't know? 

Well, I will. In the year 2525 a horse called My Super Infatuated Teddy Bear will storm clear of the field. 

Sadly, that information, however reliable, will be of little use to you unless you wish to leave this blog post in your will for future generations. 

For the Grand National know-it-all, I have a question for you. 

Name a horse that won at odds of 50/1?

(No, a 100/1 doesn't count as two 50/1 winners!)

Well, just to bring a new (old) horse into the neverending list of information I'm going back in time to 1966. Not just a year for World Cup Heros. 

For some lucky punter, a horse named Anglo put a fifty-to-one smile on his/her face. These are the facts we do know. 

Anglo was eight years old. Ridden by Tim Norman. Trained by Fred Winter. Owned by Stewart Levy.  He/she won at odds of 50/1. Anglo won by twenty lengths. 

What we didn't know is that Mark Meeeeenazarus - from the outer depths of space - cheered with triumph in 2017. 

The Grand National - The Greatest Steeplechase in the UNIVERSE.