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Saturday 25 February 2017

Racecourses in Ireland

Welcome to Racecourse Directory. From our research, we have realised there are a lot of racecourses across the world.

We compiled this comprehensive list of racecourse for many continents. Countries including Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada, United States of America & major World courses. 

One of the most beautiful countries to go horse racing is Ireland. The Emerald Isle is perfect for locals & tourists alike. Take a look at the map, below. 

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Interesting facts about Irish racecourses

Bellewstown racecourse: Barney Curley Gamble

Boasts a long illustrious history. For instance, Barney Curley is popularly reputed to have undertaken one of the biggest betting coups in Ireland with Yellow Sam at this facility in 1975. This broadly publicised development engendered a lot of media debates on numerous sports channels and exclusive coverage in key publications throughout the world. As a result, the horse riding grounds gained a great deal of popularity – even attracting a new string of horse sporting tourists from as far as Canada and The United States.