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Monday 20 February 2017

5 Reasons There Needs to Be a National Lads Day at the Races

Ever since the 1800’s when King George III and Queen Charlotte visited the Cheltenham Gold Cup on the third day of the meeting at Royal Ascot, it has been known as Ladies Day. Since then is has become an occasion to be marked in the racing calendar the world over for the wannabe social elite. The fairer sex come out in swarms to compete against each other for the crown of “Best Dressed” with all kinds of strange and unsightly plumage strapped to their heads.

In recent times though, Ladies day has become synonymous with the carnage and debauchery that occurs around the track. Piling out of minibuses having travelled for hours with half of their local off-licence’s stock piled high, it’s no surprise they aren’t in a fit state to participate in the festivities when they arrive. Provocatively cut dresses and alcohol don’t mix. 

With the ladies having a day in the calendar to themselves, it may surprise you to learn that there is no specified “Lads Day”. Why not? 

Below we list the 5 reasons why there NEEDS to be a National Lad’s Day at the races:

1.) The Clothes 

There is no doubt that the ladies make an effort on their day, brightly coloured dresses with the trademark hats and high heels are a staple. But the men do men do it better? There is no better sight than a fella in a well cut suit, nice shoes and even a top hat if he fancies going full Mr Monopoly. Judging the best dressed on lad’s day would probably come down to that killer matching tie and sock combination. 

2.) The Drink 

Let’s be honest with ourselves here, men can handle their drink better than women. On top of that, men handle their drink in a different way. 

Women have 4 stages on the ‘Drunk-o-meter’:

“slightly itsy bitsy tipsy” stage full of giggles -> “I’m not drunk” staggering all around the shop -> screamy, don’t listen to anyone, answer a telephone call with their stiletto -> completely comatose face first into the minibus seat covered in ketchup and smeared mascara

Men on the other hand only have two: 

Not drunk -> DRUNK 

When a man is past his best and has had enough sauce, he usually knows it and finds somewhere to go to sit down or pass out. 

3.) The Bets 

When a man is betting, he knows his stuff. He’s researched, looked at form, checked up on the gossip and he might have even got some tips from the old heads down at the bookies. He’s left in no uncertain terms what he wants to put his money on. He bets to win as a matter of pride. When a woman is at the races, the formbook goes out of the window. They don’t care. There is no pride in winning, just in choosing the cutest name.

4.) The Banter

Lads are a banterous bunch, whether it be pulling your best mate’s chain about his hot mum or tearing him apart for his latest conquest they are always at it. This can result in a few disagreements, but not many. Ladies on the other hand are on a perpetual knife edge. They are either overly friendly with each other, complimenting each other on their latest lip fillers and vajazzle or cat fight angry. There is no in-between in their relationship. 

5.) The Competitions 

We all know the main part of Ladies Day is looking the part to be in with a chance of winning ‘best dressed’ men are simpler creatures. They can and will make competitions out of the most basic of thing. Anything from the ‘Tallest top hat’ to the guy who can sink the most pints during a race even going as far as betting on who can sink the deadliest concoction of drink dregs. There will surely be plenty to be involved in during Lad’s Day.