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Tuesday 4 October 2016

Horse Racing Articles

So you love horse racing. You probably have a favourite local racecourse. Have you ever read about the history of your local course? How about the history of the prestigious racecourse in the world? 

It makes fascinating reading. 

Racecourse Directory is basically the start and finish of everything you need to know about racecourses. We detail information for racecourse in the United Kingdon, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia & significant World racecourses. 

So what does this website offer?

Links to racecourse: 




But the cherry on the cake... We paid author Annette Howard to put pen to paper and write bespoke articles for racecourse in the United Kindom, Ireland & United States of American. As you can imagine, it was no easy task. But this unique material means you can find the history to all your favourite racecourses. 

Take a look at our incredible, free resource and make it your directory to find all about racecourse across the globe.

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