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Saturday 3 September 2016

History of UK Racecourses

I bet you have a favourite racecourse? It might be Newmarket, the home of British racing. Perhaps your local course is Fakenham. For me, it is Great Yarmouth. Why? Well, as youngsters we would holiday at Caister-on-sea as my dad would love a day at the races, just down the road. Many years have passed since those beautiful childhood days but we still, as adults, venture to the Eastern Festival every September in memory of those loved ones who are sadly no long here. They are certainly with us in spirit. 

I'm sure your favourite racecourses hold similar memories. But it's interesting to consider that the racecourse you visit so often may actually detail secrets, stories, and an incredible history.

Racecourse Directory commissioned writer Annette Howard to detail the history of every racecourse in the UK from Aintree to York. Do you know the hidden story of your favourite racecourse?  Take a moment to learn about its heritage, troubles, and successes. You may be surprised what you read.

Racecourse Directory is never one to rest on its laurels and its reason why we also detail the racecourse history of racecourses in Ireland & the United States of American. 

Along with links to racecourse websites from around the world and direct links to all their social media [Twitter, Facebook...].

If you are searching for racecourse information then we will always go the extra furlong so you don't have to.