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Thursday 17 September 2020

Live Dealers and Online Casinos

There are literally hundreds of online casino operators around and a significant majority of players will look to sign up with as many as they can in order to take advantage of the welcome bonuses that are on offer. But if you’d rather keep it simple and want to stick with one portal, what other factors will determine your choice?

Assessing all the casinos by casino reviews can be a long process but those opening deals are important and in some cases there can be more than £1,000 at stake. For other players, the choice of games is the most crucial factor while others will want an experience that mimics the type of casino play that you’ll find in the physical world.

Keeping it real

These days, all casinos are looking to bring in Live Dealers wherever possible in an attempt to give you the feeling that you in some of the great Las Vegas locations. OK so you really have to suspend belief to imagine that you are James Bond battling it out with assorted local villains but back in the real world, the introduction of live dealers has been a serious coup for the online operators.

Instead of ploughing a lonely furrow through faceless software and a computerised voice, you can now interact with the dealers and croupiers and maybe even fellow players. If you like this sort of thing then feel free to get involved but remember that these people are professionals and they will cut out any unnecessary ‘chit chat’ in order to keep the game flowing.

It’s easy to see why Live Dealer play is so popular but why would you want to consider the alternative?


Anyone who can remember the early styles of casino software will recall that they were very basic indeed. By today’s standards, the graphics were very poor but the rules and essence of the games were still there and at that stage, things were really exciting.

In today’s era, the graphics can still be dull – at least if you compare them to the live dealers – but for many players they have a distinct advantage.

Without any external distractions from other players or a live croupier, it’s really you against the machine. You can concentrate, focus on the pattern of play, adopt any strategy that you might have, and just zone in on the battle to make money. After all, that’s what we are all, ultimately aiming for.

You can certainly trial games by using flash software that doesn’t require a download and won’t require you to part with any of your own money. In addition, some casinos also have a play for fun facility that applies to games across their roster. Naturally, this won’t necessarily apply to Live Dealers who may only be present when money is changing hands but it’s a good way to get used to the way an individual casino works.

Ultimately the choice is yours as only you know what style of play suits you but the great thing is that with the evolution of online play, there is better choice now than ever before.