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Sunday 7 October 2018

It's not a Long way to Tipperary

Tipperary Racecourse is a key horse sporting venue found in County Tipperary in Ireland. The widely acclaimed venue stages both National Hunt and Flat race events. The racecourse is located next to Limerick Junction railway line and about two miles away from Tipperary town. The famous site is owned and managed by Horse Racing Ireland. The course is left-handed and flat measuring about 1 mile and 2 furlongs round. 

There is also a five-furlong sprint track which aptly joins the central racecourse at the beginning of the straight. As a result of its wonderful layout, the course is universally liked by trainers, owners, and a large number of award-winning jockeys from Ireland and even beyond.

The first ever documented race meeting at Tipperary Racecourse was staged on March 27, 1848. However, the very first sporting function held at the present Limerick Junction track it was held in September 1916 and it was hugely attended by then celebrated trainers such as Senator J.J. Parkinson and Charles Moore. Horse racing continued taking place at Limerick Junction up to the time racecourse’s name was altered to Tipperary in 1986. Over the years, the facility has continued to undertake numerous face lifts that have given it a completely refurbished look that makes it one of the most beautiful and well-equipped structures of its kind in Europe.

Tipperary Racecourse is a historically significant county that is uniquely steeped in every aspect of horse racing tradition, right from the world-famous Coolmore Stud to the brimming volume of exceptional jockeys to have ever come from there. This exceptionally well-designed and ubiquitously well-known racecourse exactly reflects an enduring culture of providing high-class racing entertainment both on the flat and over jumps. As a result, of the prestigious held by Tipperary in the history and present state of racing in Ireland, the venue draws thousands of enthusiastic crowds during its key track events. In a similar vein, worldwide group of journalists flock to the sporting center with cameras and other paraphernalia to capture the most vivid peaks of its best horse riding competitions at Tipperary Racecourse. 

In the Spring and Summer racing meetings, it is quite possible to run on potential champions right in the action. For example, the first and second in the hotly contested 2002 English Derby High Chaparral and Hawk Wing famously won their 2-y-o maidens at this venue. 

Tipperary Racecourse has been the starting point for many prospective champions such as Dylan Thomas, and Heatseeker. Nevertheless, the prominent course saves its best for last in the sense of "Super Sunday", usually held on the first-week Sunday of every October, with this being the very last race event of the year. This is often the highest quality 'mixed' function held in the country featuring a wide coterie of high-quality races that involve some of the finest horses in the country. On some occasions, even horses from Britain and other neighboring European regions also participate in these auspiciously well-organized events.

Those that have been to Tipperary Racecourse will also affirm that it features excellent catering and hospitality services. Ranging from well-furnished dining and accommodation amenities to affordable conferencing services, the place is the destination for choice for both keen corporate/private clients and enthusiastic racegoers.

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