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Tuesday 28 June 2016

Hollywood Park Racecourse in United States

Hollywood Park, which was later sold and subsequently changed name to Betfair Hollywood Park, was a prominent racing facility until it was closed for racing and training activities in December 2013. Nonetheless, the facility’s casino is still open, and contains a poker card center premised in Inglewood, California, an estimated three miles away from Los Angeles International Airport and close to the Forum indoor sports ground. Although it doesn't feature influential equine racing events currently, its immortal influence is still felt throughout the United States sporting fraternity. 

Still the central location of Los Angeles Entertainment Center, the sporting ground remains the proud home of the ubiquitously famed Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League. Due to its well-designed state-of-the-art amenities, Hollywood Park is ranked among the most urbanized sporting arenas in California and also globally. With thousands of majorly well-to-do visitors and fans, the general racecourse atmosphere of affluence and class is evidently palpable. This is the very reason the betting facility continually garners rave reviews and unparalleled media coverage. 

The racetrack was launched on 10th June 1938 by the distinguished Hollywood Turf Club and has steadily maintained lofty esteem and rankings over the past decades. Hollywood Park was superbly designed by the widely noted racecourse engineer Arthur Froehlich. Its executive leader was Jack Warner of the universally well-known Warner Bros. filming studio. Prominent partners in this notable investment comprised Jack Warner's close brother and associate Warner Bros. manager Harry, Hollywood studio chiefs including Walt Disney, Samuel Goldwyn, Darryl Zanuck, noteworthy thespians Al Jolson, and the globally celebrated theater star Bing Crosby.

Hollywood Park shut down starting early 1942 to mid 1944 due to the unfolding events of World War II, during which period the facility used as a storage center. In mid 1949, the elaborate grandstand and principal clubhouse were damaged by a mysterious fire. However, the racing arena was swiftly rebuilt and opened again in 1950 – amid unprecedented pomp and grandiose fanfare.

By the late years of the 1980s, the racecourse was constantly frequented by top luminaries despite the fact that it teetered on the precarious brink of bankruptcy. Around 1989, a bunch of savvy investors was arduously working to purchase Los Alamitos Racecourse in California for an estimated $68 million. Los Alamitos, then famous owned by Hollywood Park, remained under its initial ownership as of the early months 1991, even though an important part of the racecourse’s stock had been bought by external investors.[5][6] RD Hubbard became CEO of Hollywood Park in 1991, shortly after having bought a section of the company's main stock in the late months of 1990. 

Despite widespread picketing in adjacent Los Angeles in late 1992, yearly proceeds that same year soared to $5.4 million. Around mid 1993, the Los Angeles Times carried a story saying "shareholders at Hollywood Park... are enjoying substantial investment gains." A card club gambling facility as included in the complex in mid 1994, as Hollywood Park embarked on a $100 million extension into Hollywood Park Casino, which started operating in the latter months of 1994. Still in 1994, Hollywood Park Inc. acquired the Turf Paradise Race Track for $34 million, which was based in Arizona.