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Saturday 24 December 2016

Dundalk Racecourse in Ireland

Dundalk has a very long and colorful racing history, with over two centuries on the current site alone. Dundalk Stadium management team is extremely proud to carry on this age-old tradition in a unique manner combining horse as well as greyhound racing with top-cadre restaurant and exquisite facilities. Located at this position from 1889 to 2001 was an integral part of bustling local life for numerous years. Nearly every homestead in Dundalk features some connection to Dundalk’s long history. The track is presently in a different location but the old initial stable block may be viewed at the main entrance gates. The new 10-furlong track was had an extensive stable structure to house a maximum of 130 horses.

Greyhound racing happened at the old track on olden The Ramparts for nearly 70 years, and due to its closure on November 20th, 2000, there was simmering concern that the quality sporting activities might be permanently lost to the town. However, no-one need fear the prospect of a shutdown. Within three fairly short years, racing activities were back! Instead of the Ramparts racetrack, which was displaying the signs of degradation long before its foreseen closure, was our spanking newly established stadium, complete with a contemporary grandstand, greatly enhanced viewing area, well-stocked restaurant, top class bars, and excellently equipped offices.

The greyhounds were kept in a renovated structure that had contained the Tote in the old racecourse, but only for a very duration. In due course, a new commodious hall was constructed, with adequate space to accommodate upwards on eighty runners. The racetrack, measuring about 550 yards in terms of the circumference with prominently wide bends and outstandingly long straights, had been drawn out with the galloping greyhound in perspective.

It is now more than ten years from the time Dundalk Stadium held its very first greyhound race. The first recorded greyhound race meeting took place on Saturday, November 29th, with the Minister in charge of sport, John O’Donoghue, TD, launching the memorial plaque in the witnessing of Paschal Taggart, who was praised by stadium CEO, Jim Martin, in a keynote message famously carried in the elaborate program at Dundalk Racecourse.

Since that launch night, over fifteen thousand races have been staged at the Racecourse Road venue, the more influential among them featuring some of the country’s fastest greyhounds. Within less than a year, the track hosted the Classic, the irresistibly thrilling Bar-One Irish Sprint Cup, and the globally popular Boylesports International, a one-off race that had been previously staged in the Ramparts in mid-1968. Each of these yearly events is still a prominent feature on the racing calendar, and they continually to attract the very best talents in Ireland and Britain along with mammoth attendances every year.

Further, Dundalk Stadium has been home to numerous events outside the racing world such as The Louth Agricultural Show, the charming Extreme Stunt Show, celebrated Charity Family Fundays, a series of well-attended Dog Shows, the Irish Special Olympics Cycle, the colorfully well-organized Great Orchestra of Christmas Polish Charity, several high-flying corporate events and star-studded concerts.*

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Contact details: Racecourse Road, Dowdallshill, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland