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Saturday 5 March 2022

Useful Information about Kelso Racecourse

Kelso Racecourse is a thoroughbred racing venue that is located in Kelso in Scotland. It is described on the official website as the “Britain’s Friendliest Racecourse”. On three different occasions, the facility was rated as the Best Small Course in 2007, 2012, and 2014. The polling which gave this sporting venue its glory in those three years was conducted by the Racegoers Club. 

According to official records available, the first ever sporting event at the site took place in 1734. The foundation stone at the racecourse was laid on the 12th July 1822 – at what was initially referred to as the Duke’s Course. Until 1888, the horse riding grounds only hosted flat races. After this time, the United Border Hunt was moved to the racing spot and jump races started taking place there. From this time to the present day, the facility has been operating under the National Hunt rules. 

Kelso features sharp left-handed tracks – a chase track that measures about 600 yards and a well-designed hurdle of one mile and 330 yards. Further, the course has a steep run-in that measures about two furlongs.

The Kelso grandstand building that was modelled after the then classical style was put up in 1822, although it was drawn much earlier in 1778. This resplendent structure was designed by a York-based architect named John Carr. 

The monstrous Kelso building includes a private viewing area specifically meant for the racing patron – the Duke of Roxburghe. One of the most intriguing facts about the grandstand building is that it has remained essentially unchanged until now. In 2011, the awe-inspiring building was designated a historic site by Historic Scotland. The colossal piece of architecture has been categorised as one of the most important structures of the classical era in Scotland and in the whole of the United Kingdom. 

Besides hosting notable racing events, the structure also has auspicious hospitality facilities that very few horse riding sites can rival. If you are planning a future social or corporate event, Kelso is doubtless the facility you should pick. Whether indoors or outdoors, Kelso has what it takes to make your occasion a resounding success. With spacious rooms to accommodate hundreds of guests and visitors, it offers a hassle-free opportunity to give your occasion the much-desired pomp and colour you are looking. Their catering staff members boast years of experience and pledge to offer the best services that will meet the diverse tastes of your customers. Again, their wedding planning specialists are ever ready to partner with you to make your special day as memorable as possible. 

For both wedding and private parties, Kelso is the place to hold your important events. The popular location has received thousands of rave reviews from previous clients. Without a doubt, it is one of the best places to hold your social or corporate function not only in Scotland but in the whole of Britain. For more information about hiring conferencing or special occasions, you should contact the support personnel at Kelso Racecourse. The management also advises you to liaise with the top administration ahead of time so that they can help you plan your special occasion in a distinctly colourful manner that will leave a lasting imprint on the minds of your distinguished guests. 

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