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Tuesday 9 November 2021

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The very first racing event took place at Bangor-on-Dee Racecourse in February 1858, and the grounds have ever since been hosting steady racing competitions except during two major world wars. This inaugural event attracted a vast audience and brought together many famous racers of the day. Among the outstanding participants who registered for the competitions included Lloyd Kenyon and Myddelton; two horse racing champions who have since remained inextricably tied to the illustrious history of Bangor Racecourse.

The thoroughbred horse racecourse is positioned in Bangor-on-Dee which is near Wrexham, Northern Wales. The left-handed venue is widely regarded as one of the well-regarded racecourses, despite the conspicuous fact that it does not have a grandstand like other equally famous facilities in Britain.

The first steeplechase event was held on 25th February in 1859 on the same course where today’s races are held. The Grand Wynnstay Steeplechase went down in history as the first racing occasion at Bangor Racecourse. It involved a run over a distance of about 3 miles and attracted widespread publicity throughout England and Wales. Further, it drew 12 runners and was won by a certain Mr. Jones who rode a six-year-old horse named Charley. For twenty years after the main steeplechase competition, annual events were steadily held on the Bangor Racecourse. The 20-year-long competitions usually involved ponies under 14 hands that ran over a rather short course measuring about two miles.  

The often-quoted 1868 championships were won by a pony named Maid of Trent, whose owner was M G Willins. The victorious jockey was a lad of unprecedentedly young age who clinched the coveted racing victory at the notable age of 10. Jeffrey Archer, the triumphant rider, would later emerge as one of the best jockeys of all time. Sports historians have often argued that the young Archer was more skilled than towering names such as Sir Gordon Richards and Lester Piggott. The 1868 competitions were definitely given greater historical publicity by the fact that they were won by a youthful man whom many didn’t even view as a serious contender. Throughout his lifetime, the horse riding prodigy participated in a total of 8,084 events and won 2,748 of them.  

Bangor Racecourse gained worldwide fame it became the first proper racecourse where the globally celebrated racing writer Dick Francis rode his first horse. Although he didn’t clinch any noteworthy victories, the National Hunt Thriller author claimed to have enjoyed every second of the experience - a much-publicized assertion that gave the racing field much worldwide popularity. On television screens viewed by millions of fans from the four corners of the earth, Mr. Dick opined that the course was his favorite owing to its flatness and absence of tortuous bends. These comments made the racing amenity one of the most liked horse racing venues in Great Britain. 

In terms of hospitality, Bangor Racecourse offers top class services to both trainers and racegoers. People who have been to the facility before praise the elegant private hospitality the racecourse offers. For leisure and recreation, its beautifully well-designed rural setting and the spectacular jump racing sections are a splendid sight to behold. Additionally, the facility’s award-winning chefs offer both exotic and indigenous cuisines that even famous patrons have severally praised as great’.* 


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