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Monday 31 January 2022

Do you know the History of Limerick Racecourse?

Limerick Racecourse is one of the most notable racing facilities not only in Ireland but throughout the world. With a richly colourful legacy of top-class horse sporting, the magnificent grounds have continued to attract thousands of racegoers, owners, fans, and sports enthusiasts from across the globe. For 225 years after the institution of the initial Limerick Racecourse in early 1790, about seven various local sites were used to hold different forms of horse racing. Its forerunners included some locations in places like Bruff, Newcastle, Rathkeale, Lemonfield, Ballinacurra as well as Green Park. In fact, the very last location at Green Park, which was shut down in mid-1999, had outstandingly held racing activities for well over ten decades.

The long-awaited march of time caught up with the main city track as it got enveloped in the town’s urbanised sprawl and a fresh location was immediately looked for. Limerick Racecourse quickly found a brand new location at Greenmount Park. At the time it was bought in mid-1996. About six kilometres from the town boundaries close to the famous village of Patrickswell, with just about 400 acres of primary greenbelt farming land, Greenmount was a naturally apt option, with an interrupted panoramic background at which locally organised point-to-point racing activities had been staged for as long as the neighbouring memory served.

Although the site’s landscape was perfect for unhindered views beyond the racecourse, the location presented new obstacles for the continual civil works of the mega assignment due to an unfortunate fall of 27.5m across the location and dealing with the urgent requirement for a 12.0m drop over a mere 70.0m. Considerable cutting and filling were thus urgently required across the location to organise the ground for the specialised surfaces for the Grade One racetrack, in addition to all the connecting roads, about 2000 carpark, and considerable drainage facility, including a carefully drawn-out precast concrete, made underpass.

The expansion of fundamental facilities at Greenmount has presented a favourable chance for Limerick to own one of the most suitable racing amenities in the country. The entire racecourse layout was redesigned from the very scratch. This is the very first newly established racecourse in the whole of Ireland in more than 60 years and it offered the complete design personnel a unique challenge to attain the desired possibilities that this wonderful opportunity provided.

Opening in mid-October 2001, the inaugural race meeting drew a commendably large crowd of well over 18,000 racegoers from the country and beyond. Having just marked its widely publicised 13th Anniversary, the prominent moves from strength to further strength as one of Ireland’s premier horse racing centres.

Finally, the racing site is also home to one of the best catering and hospitality services in Ireland. With regard to excellent dining and accommodation services, the top-of-the-range horse sporting centre is simply in an enviable category of its own. For both special social occasions like weddings and business-related functions such as professional conferences/seminars, Limerick is simply the best place to take your meticulously planned event. With state-of-the-art facilities and friendly client support team, the venue is a top-class catering and hospitality centre that very few similar centres can rival.

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