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Wednesday 18 July 2018

A Day at Killarney Racing in Ireland

Killarney Racecourse magnificently looks out on the wonderful scenery of Killarney National Park and pompously boasts the prestigious title of The Most Scenic Racecourse in the entire Ireland. Killarney has a long-established and colourful history of horse sporting; the first ever racing in the area was documented in early 1822.The current racecourse was launched in 1936 and presently remains the proud home of Horse Racing in Killarney. As such, this prime horse riding facility is notably one of the very best in Europe but also across the entire earth. 

The racing facility is situated in the busy Killarney town and offers an ambient impression for any Racegoer. Killarney stages eleven-day racing activities over three Summer Festivals every May, July, and August providing the very best in National Hunt as well as Flat Racing. Attracting several thousands of excited fans and multiple horse riding sightseers from the four cardinal compasses of the globe, Killarney is a racing ground like no other. Its sporting fixtures are the subject of commentary in sports publications throughout Ireland. Further, leading sports television channels don’t seem to ever get enough of this racecourse’s juicy track events. 

Besides being a leading sporting facility, Killarney Racecourse is also known to be one of the best hospitality centres in the whole of Europe and even throughout the world. Notably, the sporting arena has an able team of hospitality and catering gurus who will listen to all your concerns as you look for the best services out there. With excellent dining and accommodation facilities, the racecourse has cut itself a prestigious class as one of the best horse riding fields in the continent.

More information regarding the services offered by the racecourse, punters are advised to visit the racecourses official website. In addition to getting clear details regarding the services rendered at the racing centre, you will also be in a position to get a glimpse of the forthcoming race fixtures and important meetings. However, you are advised to make sure that the information you rely on is as updated as possible since some obsolete information may still be available on some sections of the official site. Remember to check the last date on which any given content was posted or updated.

For those looking for corporate and social facilities, then Killarney is just the right place to call in at. For business meetings, the racing grounds have a lot of spacious room for holding business-related conferences. With adequate well-furnished furniture and exquisite in-house electronic devices such as projectors, you cannot choose to take your important event elsewhere while Killarney exists. 

For private social occasions such weddings and engagement parties, Killarney Racecourse has all the fundamental equipment and paraphernalia you need to make your occasion a groundbreaking success. Nonetheless, just like is the case with other hospitality and catering services at the site, you are advised to liaise with the management in time to avoid missing a place or lacking some basic service/asset or other. What is more, you will find a team of thoroughly qualified and experienced event planners who will provide excellent professional insights to make your function successful at Killarney Racecourse.

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Contact details: Ross Road, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland, 

Tel: + 353 64 6631