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Fontwell Park Racecourse - Useful Details

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One of the most remarkable racing venues in England, Fontwell Park Racecourse is located in the western part of Sussex. The location has hosted numerous well-attended meetings since its grand opening. Currently, it is owned by ARC Racing whose management has competently spearheaded the racecourse’s operations with astonishing levels of success. The racing also features oval hurdles course for steeplechase events.

Fontwell Park Racecourse was founded by Alfred Day, a significant contributor to the rich history of horse racing in the United Kingdom. Mr Day was an outstandingly keen trainer of horses before the idea of beginning the international facility crossed his mind. Attached to The Hermitage horse training station from 1887, the ingenuous man has been celebrated for establishing one of England’s most influential racing sites.
The name “Fontwell” had not been in use for quite some time but brought it back to use at the time of the facility’s construction. Researching the history of the location and its surrounds, Alfred Day gathered enough popularity and money to purchase land to set up Fontwell Racecourse.

The hurdles course was laid out in an “8” shape in order to make better use of the limited space available. With these structural preparations in place, the first meeting was organised shortly after. Taking place on 21 May 1924, the inaugural meeting drew both wide publicity and attendance from the Sussex populous and surrounding communities. The first racing competition was won by a then famous jockey Fred Rees, on a horse nicknamed “Gem”.  

Fontwell Racecourse has enjoyed a steady wave of recognition for many reasons. First, this is the place where Queen Elizabeth II won her first race as a horse owner when the then well-known rider, Monaveen, prevailed. The as yet uncrowned Princess Elizabeth’s victory in the 1949 Chichester Chase was a landmark that gave Fontwell racecourse prominence throughout Europe and the world.

Again, the racecourse found widespread fame when John Francome rode his 1,036th career winner on the grounds. This record far outstripped the longstanding National Hunt achievement set by Stan Mellor, an equally renowned jockey of international repute. John Francome is thus said to have contributed to the countrywide standings which the racecourse amenity presently enjoys. However, Francome’s auspicious track record has since been subsequently beaten by many title-winning jockeys.

Fontwell has continued to attract thousands of racegoers from Britain and the entire world. Owing to the exquisite dining and accommodation facilities available, racegoers from all over the globe have continued to enjoy Fontwell Park. Visiting guests and trainers are advised to contact the racecourse’s management for access and entry directions. First-time visitors may also visit the official website for additional information regarding Fontwell’s regarding access and admission.*

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Why Horse Racing is So Much Fun To Bet On

Studying the form
Even before the days when online sports betting was just about everywhere that you turn, there was one sport which was attracting gamblers all over the world, horse racing. Personally speaking I have been gambling on horse racing for around 20 years and the advancement in online betting have taken gambling on this sport to the next level. I often speak to people who love to bet on football, rugby or even MMA, who tell me that they feel apprehensive about betting on horse racing. In my view though, I think that horse racing is one of the most fun sports to gamble on, and here is why. 

Studying Data

Slightly geeky but I absolutely love to study form guides ahead of the race, whilst studying form is not unique to horse racing, the form guides here feature a far greater amount of information, and factors to consider. For example we must consider the weight of the horse, the jockey riding it, the weather conditions and the length of the race, far more factors than in any other sport. Doing this much work beforehand means that if your horse does win, there is an even greater sense of satisfaction. You can find info about racing form all over, and in particular, 188Bet's blog has an extensive section on horse racing

More Upsets

Unlike in a football match where there are only 3 possible outcomes in terms of winning and drawing, horse racing is different altogether and there are very often between 7 and 40 horses that enter a race. Within the race you could have horses falling at fences, a favourite not feeling up to it and you can very often see long outsiders romping home to victory. Every sport has upsets, but none has as many as horse racing which makes it so much more exciting to watch. 

Thrill of The Race 

Only in athletics will you find a straight race to follow, which always makes you feel excited. A rugby match will play out over the course of 80 minutes, and it of course has its ups and downs during that time. A horse race however is over and done with in the space of a few minutes, and it isn’t usually until the final furlongs that you get an indication as to who will actually win it. 

Long Odds

If you get long odds on a football game, it is likely that this selection will lose, but in horse racing that is not always the case. Take a look at the Grand National for example, over the last 5 years there have been winners at 66/1 and 100/1 including some 20/1 shots. This not only makes the races more exciting but gives you the chance to win some big money if you get it right.

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Your Guide to the Cheltenham Festival 2018

Cheltenham Festival 2017,
Located at Prestbury, Gloucester, England, Cheltenham Racecourse is among the leading sites for horse racing events in Britain. The sporting facility is widely renowned for hosting the Cheltenham Festival every March. The annual occasions features Grade 1 races that include the Champion Hurdle, Cheltenham Gold Cup, World Hurdle, and Queen Mother Champion Chase. These prominent Cheltenham races attract hundreds of owners and trainers from all over Britain and are among the key racing events that bring together a large number of sporting champions and tens of thousands of horse racing enthusiasts from Gloucester and beyond the British borders. 

Located a short distance below the Cotswold Hills escarpment, the racecourse has a stunningly scenic appearance. Its splendour is perhaps the chief reason as to why this racing venue receives a large number of attendants. Statistics for the average number of fans for a single event is an estimated 67,500 – one of the largest in the whole of Britain. The racecourse has their own railway station, despite the fact that it is not connected to the national railway network.  

Cheltenham Racecourse has two courses that stand alongside each other – the Old Course and the New Course. The New Course has precarious downhill fencing and a fairly longer run-in for steeplechase while the Old Course’s run-in is shorter and it’s not as tricky. The two courses have most of their hurdles at the start with only two hurdles toward the end.

Hospitality and Attractions:

Cheltenham Racecourse boasts a wide range of multi-million-pound amenities for patrons. In 2014, the racecourse completed £17-million pound development, featuring several state-of-the-art facilities that transformed the initial appearance of Cheltenham Racecourse. As a result of these recent redesigning, the racing venue is categorised as one of the largest horse racing facilities in Britain. Its wide selection of racing and hospitality packages are unmatched by many other similar sporting amenities in the country and even Europe as a whole.

The scenic racecourse is home to hundreds of outstanding sightseeing attractions. To cater for the diverse range of patrons, and sightseers from the entire world, the racecourse offers many key hospitality services that very few horse racing facilities in Britain can rival. Holst, the famous composer of “The Planets” was born around the Clarence Road in the northern part of the town.

For those interested in the history of the popular racecourse, the Hall of Fame and the Whitewall Gallery will provide an insightful glimpse into its rich and colourful past. In addition to these, there are other smaller galleries that not only tell the unique story of this internationally renowned sporting facility but the whole of Gloucester. Featuring well-stocked museums that tell the unique story of the globally influential racing venue and its surrounds, Cheltenham is thus a frequent destination for horse racing holiday makers and tourists from the entire world. 
With accommodation and dining facilities put up to cater for both fundamental and leisure needs of trainers and tourists, Cheltenham Racecourse is simply the place to be. Some of the most notable places that offer a taste of this racecourse include the Cineworld Cheltenham, The Gardens Gallery, Leisure- at-Cheltenham, Painswick Rocco Garden, among many others.

In a nutshell, the impressive amenities for dining, accommodation, and recreation combined make this racecourse a top favourite to race fans, trainers, patrons, sightseers, and the general public. Although comparatively expensive, Cheltenham’s entertainment and basic hospitality and social services can be savoured by both well-off visitors and people traveling on a budget. Ranging from tasty foreign and indigenous cuisines to well prepared alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, the area provides at least something for everyone. Regardless of your personal tastes and preferences, Cheltenham Racecourse has the best of everything to meet every individual’s needs. As already mentioned, the horse riding facility is simply the place to be, regardless of the season. 

Admission Procedures:

Cheltenham Racecourse offers a wide selection of booking options. The vast range of choices enables you to get the best out of your race day. As you choose the best ticket and packages, go through the different categories in order to pick an appropriate option that not only fits within your personal budget but also provides the desired levels of entertainment and basic services. For people who may not have the means to pay for the individual entrance package, the group booking option would be an ideal choice. Group tickets are a prudent way to save your money while enjoying a fabulous experience at Cheltenham Racecourse. Further, for every group of more than 15 individuals, there are wonderful ticket discounts that further bring down your overall spending at the prestigious sporting venue.
Further, the ticket prices at these international sporting grounds are also determined by the age of the people attending. For instance, young people who are below 18 years are freely admitted into the racing venue. As such, your ticket expenditure will not increase if you take young children with you. However, it is imperative to note that festival full admissions only apply to children who are past the age of 5. Additionally, there are concessional entrance prices for young people aged between 18 and 24 years. However, these concessional prices will vary from one event to another. Special tickets also vary depending on the sporting season/time of the year. Note that proof of age is required before free and special tickets are awarded to young people. 

Moreover, Cheltenham Racecourse offers a number of private box options for visitors. Offering a vivid view of the racecourse, the private box option gives patrons to be close to the parade ring in a chalet. The Course facing option costs £145 per person. It provides a great combination of luxury and convenience which accords a fun memorable day, whether with other guests or alone. Other excellent private box selections include the Non Course Facing whose price is £125 per person, the Long Run Boxes for £360 per person, and the Hi-Lux Chalet choice which goes for £6800 per box. Although relatively more expensive, these separately paid-for options give you the chance to watch events at a secure closeness of horses and jockeys. 

Those entering the racecourse can also pay for the accommodation and dining facilities inside the sporting grounds. The great food and grand racing experience at Cheltenham Racecourse is one of its most thrilling aspects. The exquisite dishes and a stunning retinue of leisure activities are a singular treat that patrons will hardly find any other similar racing venues all over England and Europe at large. Note that the restaurant hospitality packages for amenities found within the sporting site are fairly more expensive that those found outside. Nonetheless, the extra fun and quality services they offer are worth the additional pounds visitors pay.

Among the restaurants inside the venue include the Panoramic Restaurant Package (from £125) and the National Hunt Room Package (from £145). These two packages are normally booked to capacity ahead of key fixtures. As such, it is essential to do your booking in time so that you are not left out. You may contact the support personnel via email or on their website to book a place at these first-class facilities in Cheltenham. Packages can also be booked by telephoning the management and paying your booking fees in advance. Nevertheless, be careful to confirm your ability to attend on the specified dates as the booked places cannot be sold to other persons. In a similar vein, refunds may attract some deductions as processing fee. 


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Furthermore, Cheltenham Racecourse has gifting options for both patrons and visitors. This great opportunity offers racing enthusiasts a chance to extend racing gifts to friends and family. Not only do you enjoy the possibility to appreciate those you love with a racing treat but also earn R4R points for doing so. A Jockey Club Gift Card makes for a fitting racing memento whose impact lasts the whole year. Depending on your financial ability, gifts cards can be acquired at denominations of £10, £20, £50 and £100. Note that your gift card can be used on the phone or online to buy tickets and hospitality services ahead of fixtures. It is a highly convenient way to book a place either at the main course or in the accommodation and dining section before they run out. 

The Jockey Club’s 15 Racecourses include key meetings such as the Investec Derby, Cheltenham Festival, William Hill King George Winter Festival, The QIPCO Guineas, and Crabbie’s Grand National. Cheltenham’s popular fixtures include family days, ladies days, music nights, festivals, as well as the usual race days for the general public. These meetings attract thousands of attendants from the local community and patrons as well racing fanatics and sports tourists from far-off corners of the world. These routine meetings are signature seasonal highlights that give Cheltenham a famously unique attention and influence that make it stand out from other racecourses in Britain. The highly publicized gatherings are shown on major television channels and broadly covered by the print media both locally and internationally. 

Using your racing gift card, you can also purchase exclusive tours of the National Stud. The National Stud first opened its gates in the 1970’s, and has remained a top favorite to thousands of racing adherents ever since. Again, the National Stud remains the sole commercial farm that allows individuals, small groups, and large parties an opportunity to view the privy intricacies of a working Thoroughbred Stud Farm. For every gift card bought, the purchaser earns up to 3 R4R in a royalty program that seeks to encourage fans and racers to tour Cheltenham horse riding grounds. If you would like to recognize members of Cheltenham Racecourse staff, you can use the Jockey Club Gift Card to reward them either out of a charitable heart or for exemplary service. 

Racecourse Committee:

Cheltenham Racecourse is run by a seven-member committee. Robert Waley-Cohen succeeded Lord Vestey as the committee chairman in 2011 after The Festival in which his horse registered a resounding victory during the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Christopher Hodgson was appointed a committee member in 1993, and has been in the management team that tracks Jockey Club Racecourses since 2005. Other distinguished members of the top managing body include Rupert Sweeting, Lisa Hancock, William Rucker, and Sir Richard Stagg KCMG. Each of these prominent members is tasked with specific responsibilities in the administration of the racecourse. Most of the top administration officials have served for at least more than four years and replacements or resignations from the Cheltenham managerial board are reasonably rare.

Owners & Trainers:

Nothing matches the thrill of having a runner at Cheltenham Racecourse. The Festival particularly offers trainers an extraordinary racing experience on the track. The Cheltenham’s team of dedicated staff are there make sure that Owner’s visits run smoothly. Ranging from managing enclosure access to distribution of badges and distribution of trophies, the support personnel always do a thoroughly commendable job to see to it that visitors enjoy an optimally rewarding experience at the racing grounds. Racers and trainers will be received at the gates and taken through the hassle-free procedures at the grounds to the very last registration requirement and activity. Owners are offered two car park labels, four Owners’ and Trainers’ badges, four admission tickets, among other requisite details. In addition, Owners of declared runners and Trainers are treated to private lunching facilities within Cheltenham Racecourse. These two categories can also book four complimentary luncheons and afternoon tea in the exclusive Tattersalls Owners’ & Trainers’ Pavilion – located slightly below the Parade Ring near the Tented Village. Note that admission into this facility is done through a wristband identification which is provided at the reception desk.

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Taunton Racecourse: Website, Twitter Link and Facebook Page

Taunton Racecourse is a racing facility for thoroughbred horses that is situated in Orchard Portman, about two miles from southern Taunton in Somerset, England. It was officially launched in 1927, Taunton is one of the newest established National Hunt courses in England, launched in Britain before the opening of Chelmsford City in 2008.

Horseracing has taken place since the early days of the 18th century, formerly in the Broomhay grounds, West Monkton, even though these concluded in 1812 as a result of the combination the Napoleonic revolutions and a general lack of enthusiasm. Racing carried on in Bridgwater, about 11 miles (18 km) north, but resumed in Taunton in mid-1825. 

Taunton was originally located on what is now King's College and lauded highly in the yearly publication Sporting Magazine. Racing meetings continued for two consecutive days at the start of September. The venue was dogged by a catastrophic downpour in 1838, which meant nearly all the major races were abandoned, and about two years later racing was moved to Trull Moor, where it continued for a further 15 years. Shortly after this, fixtures were once again confined to Bridgwater but concluded with the onset of World War I.

In 1927, Taunton Racecourse Company was set up, and a new racecourse was built on land given by Viscount Portman. The sporting site had famously domiciled in Orchard Portman House, the headquarters of the notable Portmans, but the same house was demolished in 1840. A little church, which was an integral unit of the estate, is still noticeable on the grounds today. 

The inaugural meeting took place on the 21st September 1927, and the very first racing event, the "Shoreditch Selling Hurdle" was famously won by Baalbek, owned by Mr. Rayson. Formally, crowds were simply housed in little more than a wooden stand, but now it incorporates the imposing Orchard Stand and the grand Paddock Stand (also the members enclosure) and the more recent AP McCoy stand, which offer catering amenities and utilized for racing meetings and high-profile conferences on normal days when racing is not taking place. The racecourse was the first course to be launched in the United Kingdom for over eight decades, followed by Great Leighs (Chelmsford City) which held its first race in 2008, followed the year after by Ffos Las. 

Taunton Racecourse is a right-handed ovular track, with two fairly long straights and two sharp bends. The racecourse is 1 mile and 2 furlongs (2.01 km) in length, and has two fences as well as open ditches. The racecourse was upgraded with the building of the M5 motorway, as the removed earth was used to extend the back straight and bends.

Finally, Taunton is also globally famed for its auspicious hospitality and social services. That’s why it receives thousands for corporate and private clients from all over the country.*

Contact details: Taunton Racecourse Ltd, Orchard Portman, Taunton, Somerset, TA3 7BL

Tel: 01823 33 71 72

Email: info@tauntonracecourse,co,uk 

Visit Taunton website here. 



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